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Green Power Partnership


Green Power Leadership Awards

EPA co-sponsors the Green Power Leadership Awards in conjunction with the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) at the annual Renewable Energy Markets Conference. The awards serve to recognize the leading actions of organizations, programs, suppliers, and individuals that significantly advance the development of green power sources.

EPA announced the 2015 Green Power Leadership Award winners on October 19, 2015 at the Renewable Energy Markets Conference. To receive Partnership and Awards updates, please contact us and indicate your interest in receiving updates from the Green Power Partnership. Learn more about the awards.

Staples is committed to being a leader in sustainability and incorporating green power as part of our energy program. We are leaders in the industry in combining green power purchase and alternative energy resources to reduce our carbon footprint. Green power purchasing, development and implementation play a key role in meeting the company's goals and objectives.
- Bob Valair, Staples (Six-time Green Power Leadership Award winner)

EPA and CRS Administer Awards in the Following Categories

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Center for Resource Solutions
Partner Awards Supplier Awards Market Development Awards
Green Power Purchasing Green Power Supplier of the Year Green Power Market Development
Green Power Partner of the Year   Leadership in Green Power Education
On-site Generation   Green Power Leader of the Year
Green Power Community of the Year    
Sustained Excellence in Green Power    

EPA Partner Award Categories

  • Green Power Purchasing: Recognizes Partners who distinguish themselves through purchases of green power from a utility green-pricing program, a competitive green power marketer, or a renewable energy certificate (REC) supplier.
  • Green Power Partner of the Year: Recognizes Partners who distinguish themselves through their green power use, leadership, overall strategy, and impact on the green power market.
  • On-site Generation: Recognizes Partners who distinguish themselves using on-site renewable energy applications including, but not limited to, solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind energy projects.
  • Green Power Community of the Year: Recognizes EPA Green Power Communities that distinguish themselves through their green power usage, leadership, citizen engagement, renewable energy strategy, and impact on the green power market.
  • Sustained Excellence in Green Power: Recognizes continual leadership in advancing green power development.

EPA Supplier Award Category

  • Green Power Supplier of the Year: Recognizes green power suppliers (utilities, retail suppliers, REC marketers, renewable energy project developers) that are leaders in offering voluntary renewable energy to their customers.

Center for Resource Solutions Green Power Leadership Awards

  • Green Power Market Development: Recognizes organizations and individuals building and growing the voluntary market for green power. This may include organizations using renewable energy, electricity suppliers and REC providers, policy advocates, leaders in project development, and others influential in driving green power.┬áThe award honors industry leaders that are innovators and champions of renewable energy and whose actions are supporting the accelerated development of green power markets.
  • Leadership in Green Power Education: Recognizes effective and unique programs and organizations focusing on green power education. This award honors work that spreads the word about the environmental benefits of green power, and efforts to boost public interest in renewable energy.
  • Green Power Leader of the Year: Recognizes outstanding leadership by an individual who is leveraging his or her influence, power, position, or purchasing power to increase the prevalence of renewable energy. Evaluation criteria include: efforts and achievements of an individual, contributions to building the green power market, and dedication to and vision for renewable energy.

Learn more about the Green Power Leadership Awards Exit EPA Disclaimer administered by the Center for Resource Solutions.

What does winning an EPA Green Power Leadership Award mean to an organization?

An EPA Green Power Leadership Award offers significant opportunities for recipients:

  • Demonstrate your environmental leadership
    "Green power purchases are an effective and important way we can implement renewable energy sources as we work to reduce our carbon footprint. As an EPA Sustained Excellence Award winner, we have increased our purchases that are applied company-wide, achieving 100 percent green power in 2010, 2011 and 2012. We are pleased to have extended this commitment through 2015." - Ken Bonning, Kohl's Senior Executive Vice President
  • Become part of a prestigious group
    "Pearson is proud to receive this prestigious award from the US EPA for a second time. Green power is an important tool in helping combat climate change and we are honored to stand alongside the many US schools and universities that also choose clean sources of electricity as part of their sustainability strategies." - Rich Glicini, SVP Corporate Social Responsibility, Pearson
  • Seize the opportunity to promote participation in the Green Power Partnership
    "We're thrilled to be part of the EPA's Green Power Partnership. It's an unprecedented opportunity for us to integrate this meaningful and long-lasting environmental initiative into our operations." - Brad Haeberle, Vice President and Sustainability Council Chair, Siemens Industry, Inc.'s Building Technologies Division
  • Be featured at the Renewable Energy Markets Conference
    Award winners will be recognized at the industry's paramount annual gathering attended by leading renewable energy and green power industry stakeholders.

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