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2013 Global Methane Initiative Grant Solicitation

These awards were made in response to a USEPA Request for Proposals due in January 2012. These selected proposals support the core activities of the Global Methane Initiative and support the sector-specific action plans developed by the Initiative. More information will be available soon after these are input into the Global Methane project tracking system. The sites linked from this page are not on the EPA Web site. Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer

Applicant Title Sector Country EPA Total Project Cost* (Negotiated Total)
Instytut Nafty I Gazu (INIG) Agricultural waste sector in Poland: Assessment of opportunities for methane recovery from livestock farms wastes Agriculture Poland $120,250 funded at $60,125 per year over two consecutive years.
Instytut Nafty I Gazu (INIG) Polish landfill gas to energy consortium as a platform for capacity building and projects development MSW Poland $80,000
Texas Transportation Institute Investigation of landfill gas as a transportation fuel in Brazil MSW Brazil $100,000
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile Development of a knowledge and information base to support recovery of methane emissions for energy production in small and medium sized landfills in the Central-South Zone of Chile MSW Chile $75,000
Community Development Research Ethiopian municipalities solid waste and landfill improvement project MSW Ethiopia $80,000
Faculty of Technical Sciences Pilot methane utilization project MSW Serbia $100,000
The University of Texas at Arlington Feasibility study and training to support landfill gas recovery in Ghana MSW Ghana $100,000 funded at $50,000 per year over two consecutive years.
Centre for People and Environment (CPE) Country specific profile and strategic plan for solid waste and landfill gas management in Nigeria MSW Nigeria $30,000
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Turkey's landfill inventory and methane emissions assessment MSW Turkey $100,000
Guizhou International Cooperation Center for Environmental Protection (GZICCEP) Coal mine methane (CMM) recovery and utilization initiative in Southwest China Coal China $200,000 funded at $100,000 per year over two consecutive years
The University of Tennessee Assessment of methane resources from municipal wastewater in Chile Wastewater Chile $98,748 funded at $55,000 for Year 1 and $44,748 for Year 2.
West Virginia University Research Corporation Developing an inventory of emissions from municipal wastewater treatment plants in major cities of China and approaches for boosting digester and methane recovery and applications Wastewater China $90,000 funded at $45,000 per year over two consecutive years.

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