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2010 Global Methane Initiative Grant Solicitation

These awards were made in response to a USEPA Request for Proposals issued in December 2008. These selected proposals support the core activities of the Global Methane Initiative and support the sector-specific action plans developed by the Initiative. More information will be available soon after these are input into the Global Methane project tracking system. The sites linked from this page are not on the EPA Web site. Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer

Applicant Title Sector Country EPA Total Project Cost* (Negotiated Total)
International Renewable Resources Institute, Mexico Building from Lessons Learned to Promote Anaerobic Digestion Technology for Manure Management in Mexico Agriculture Mexico $164,565
Community Development Research Ethiopian Agricultural Methane Capture Improvement Project Agriculture Ethiopia $75,000
Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Development of Monitoring Methods for Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction through Use of Biogas Digesters for Livestock Manures in China Agriculture China $141,450
Winrock International Capacity Building of Dairy Farms in Pakistan for Increased Investment in Commercial Biogas Sector Agriculture Pakistan $138,150
Green Empowerment Network for Biodigesters in Latin America and the Caribbean Agriculture Mexico $44,684
Centro Nacional de Producción Más Limpia y Tecnologías ambientales (CNPMLTA) Capacity Building in anaerobic Digesters Design, Operation, Maintenance and Construction for Methane Use. Agriculture Colombia $100,000
Advanced Technology Development Centre of Mongolian University of Science and Technology (ATDC-MUST) with collaboration of Mongolian Nature and Environment Consortium (MNEC) Assessment of Methane Resources from Agriculture Wastes in Mongolia Agriculture Mongolia $90,000
Institute of Strategy and Policy on natural resources and environment Making demonstration piolts on livestock waste management in medium and large swine farms to reduce methane emissions in Vietnam Agriculture Vietnam $150,000
Fundación Guanajuato Produce Institutional strengthening through human capacity building, to develop anaerobic digester technology in livestock farming and agribusinesses, in order to reduce GHG emissions and help mitigate climate change. Agriculture Mexico $301,631
China Coal Information Institute (CCII) Further Promotion of M2M in Coal Sector of China Coal China $140,000
Coal & Methane Research Center – Uglemetan VAM at Russian Coal Mines Coal Russia $140,000
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Optimizing Degasification Systems to Reduce Methane Emissions from Turkish Coal Mines Coal Turkey $210,803
Mongolian Nature and Environment Consortium (MNEC) Coal Mine Methane (CMM) Resource Assessment and Emissions Inventory Development in Mongolia Coal Mongolia $229,530
Oil & Gas Institute (INIG) Pre-Feasibility Study as a Milestone in Decision Process Creating of Computer Support System For Economical Assessment of LFGE Projects Landfill Poland $180,000
Siberian State Industrial University (SibSU) Training Center and Development of a Demonstration Project for Landfill Gas Recovery in Siberia, Russia Landfill Russia $162,330
Renewable Energy Agency (REA) Assessment of Methane Recovery Potential from Municipal Solid Waste in Ukraine Landfill Ukraine $240,000
Faculty of Technical Sciences Setting up Landfill Database and Research on Possibilities for CH4 Use in Serbia Landfill Serbia $80,000
Philippine Council for Industry and Energy Research and Development - Department of Science and Technology (PCIERDDOST) Capacity Building on Methane Emissions Recovery and Utilization from Landfills in the Philippines Landfill Philippines $105,000
CSU Fullerton Auxiliary Services Corporation Development and Implementation of Training Sessions on Operational Optimization of Landfills and Landfill Gas Systems in China Landfill China $100,000
Asociación para el Estudio de los Residuos Sólidos (ARS) Small Scale Direct Utilization of Landfill Gas to Fulfill On-site Energy Needs Landfill Argentina $151,025
Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University (Tsinghua-IESE) Capacity Building, Technology Transfer and Demonstration Project of Landfill Gas to Energy (LFGTE) Program in The People's Republic of China Landfill China $300,000
Lagos Waste Managemeent Authority Landfill Gas Field Assessment at the Abule-Egba and Solous Landfills, Feasibility Report and Educational Workshop in Lagos, Nigeria Landfill Nigeria $80,000
ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability A Municipal Waste Analysis in Mexico's Southeast Region for GreenHouse Gases (GHG) Reduction (Methane to Markets Partnership) Landfill Mexico $150,000
Appalachian State University Community based Landfill Gas Utilization if Brazil Landfill Brazil $120,000
Associacao Brasileira de Empresas de Limpeza Publica e Residuos Especiais (ABRELPE) Atlas of GHG Emission and Ebergy Potential by Waste Desination in Brazil Landfill Brazil $160,000
Community Development Research Ethiopian Landfill Study and Capacity Building Project Landfill Ethiopia $80,000
EnEffect Landfill Gas Recovery and Use Throught Southeast Europe Landfill Bulgaria $200,000

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