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2008 EPA Methane to Markets Cooperative Agreement Awards

These awards were made in response to a USEPA Request for Proposals issued in December 2007. These selected proposals support the core activities of the Methane to Markets Partnership and support the sector-specific action plans developed by the Partnership. More information will be available soon after these are input into the Methane to Markets project tracking system. The sites linked from this page are not on the EPA Web site. Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer

Applicant Title Sector Country EPA Total Project Cost* (Negotiated Total)
Ministry of Agriculture Dept. of Livestock & Cooperation Development Assistance to Reduce Methane from Swine Farms in Thailand Agriculture Thailand $700,000
National Institute of Agricultural Science & Technology, Rural Dev. Admin. (RDA) Methane Capture from Agricultural Wastes in Korea Agriculture Korea $98,500
Guanajuato Produce Foundation Development of technical standards for the design, construction & installation of anaerobic digesters in Mexico Agriculture Mexico $149,550
International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC) Assessment of the Potential to Capture Methane from Distillery and Winery Waste in India Agriculture India $100,062
Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas (IETU) Abandoned mine feasibility study and coal mine methane to liquefied natural gas assessment ("Zory" Coal Mine) Coal Poland $399,913
Central Inst. of Mining and Fuel Research Feasibility Study for Recovery and Utilization of Coal Mine Methane in Jharia, Bokaro & Raniganj Coalfields in India Coal India $311,675
Mongolian Nature & Environmental Consortium Pre-feasibility Study on Methane Recovery & Utilization in Nalaikh Coal Mine Coal Mongolia $100,000
Central Mining Institute of Katowice, Poland  Detailed Characteristics of the Ventilation Air Methane Emissions from Twenty-Nine Gassy Underground Coal Mines in Poland Coal Poland $250,000
Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs The Methane Connection: Coal Mining Safety & Clean Power Production in China Coal China $171,250
Virginia Tech Development of Guidelines & Evaluation Technical for Degassing Coal Mine Methane in Advance of Mining to Reduce Methane Emissions in the Southern Shanxi Province of China Coal China $300,000
Oil and Gas Institute  Study of the capabilities of landfill gas as a potential energy source Landfill Poland  $100,000
Env. Sanitation Engineering Tech Research Center-China  Landfill Gas Energy Recovery and Utilization Feasibility Study in China Landfill China $175,000
National University of the Central Province of Buenos Aires Using Landfill Gas As Pyrolisis Furnace Fuel Landfill Argentina $150,000
Renewable Energy Agency  Landfill Gas Feasibility Study, Collection System and Flare Installation at the Rivne Landfill, Ukraine Landfill Ukraine $199,950
Center for People and the Environment Pre-feasibility Study of landfill Gas to Electricity from Nigerian Landfills Landfill Nigeria $90,000
Institute for Environmental Management, Inc.  Improving Landill Methane Energy Recovery from Developing Countries Landfills Landfill  India $150,000
Promar Foundation Master Plan for Landfill Management in the State of Espirito Santo, Brazil Landfill Brazil $250,012
Municipality of Guayaquil  Activities that Advance Methane Recovery and Use as a Clean Energy Sources in "Las Iguanas" Landfill in Guayaquil, Ecuador Landfill Ecuador $192,600
Research Triangle Institute International (RTI) Methane Emissions and Leak Detection in the Chinese Oil and Natural Gas System Oil and Gas China $499,251
Coastal Institute of Technology, Coastal Polytechnic University Activities that Advance Methane Recovery and Use as a Clean Energy Source in the Oil and Gas Industry in Ecuador Oil and Gas Ecuador $299,468

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