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Additional Information Regarding Alliant Energy Corporationís Facility in Burlington, Iowa

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Press Release

EPA Review Finds Coal Ash Ponds at Alliant Energy Corporation in Burlington, Iowa, Meet Safety Standards – July 6, 2011

EPA has posted additional information on Alliant Energy Corporation’s facility in Burlington, Iowa. As part of comprehensive review of the structural integrity of coal ash impoundment sites nationwide, in May 2011, EPA announced that several coal ash impoundments at the Alliant Energy Corporation facility in Burlington, Iowa required additional safety testing. On July 6, 2011, EPA announced it had concluded its review of an independent investigation at the Alliant’s Burlington facility. The investigation finds that the five coal ash impoundments at the facility meet acceptable factors of safety. EPA agrees with the findings of this investigation.

EPA’s concerns regarding Alliant’s coal ash impoundments were based on information in a structural stability report commissioned by the company in response to EPA’s assessment. Subsequently, a more in-depth study concluded that all of the ponds at the Burlington facility met acceptable factors of safety. Alliant, which has worked cooperatively with EPA in collecting reliable data about the impoundments, has committed to undertaking additional measures to further improve their stability.

Please note that initially, Alliant asserted a claim of business confidentiality on many of the materials displayed here. Although these documents are still marked “Confidential Business Information,” Alliant has subsequently withdrawn its confidentiality claims.


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