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Guide for Industrial Waste Management

Chapter 7 - Section A: Assessing Risk (PDF) (46 pp, 186K, About PDF)

This chapter describes how assessing risks and tailoring management controls accordingly at new waste management units can protect ground water. Using the three-tiered evaluation system discussed in this chapter, an appropriate design system, such as a liner or land application, can be determined.

This chapter helps to answer the following questions:


US EPA's National Center for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) is the Agency's national resource center for human health and ecological risk assessments. NCEA conducts risk assessments, carries out research to improve the state-of-the-science of risk assessments and provides guidance and support to risk assessors. Many publications are available from the site, including the Exposure Factors Handbook.

US EPA's Center for Subsurface Modeling Support Website. Provides access to various public domain ground-water and vadose zone models including BIOPLUME-III. Also provides free technical support of the models and an on-line database of commercially available ground-water modeling software.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Laboratory Website. Provides access to numerous aquatic plant, dredged material disposal management, health risk assessment, landfill, and water quality models including the HELP model.

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