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Publications By Topic - Industrial Materials Recycling

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The following products are also available online:

Brightwater Wastewater Treatment System: Built with the Environment in Mind (PDF) (2 pp, 789K)
Building for the Future by Recycling Industrial Materials (PDF) (2 pp, 416K)
Building Savings: Strategies for Waste Reduction of Construction and Demolition Debris from Buildings (PDF) (20 pp, 912K)
Cold Weather Concrete Mix Design for the Beneficial Use of Coal Fly Ash as a Supplementary Cementitious Material (PDF) (2 pp, 2MB)
Construction Initiative (PDF) (2 pp, 1.8MB)
Characterization of Building-Related Construction and Demolition Debris in the United States (PDF) (94 pp, 1.1M)
Estimating 2003 Building-Related Construction and Demolition Materials Amounts (PDF) (60 pp, 722K)
Foundry Sands Recycling | PDF Version (2 pp, 20K)
Green Renovation Brings a Community Back to Life: The Lazarus Building (PDF) (2 pp, 758K)
GreenScapes Success Story: Not Your Typical Compost Feedstock | PDF Version (1 pg, 101K)
Industrial Materials Recycling: Managing Resources for Tomorrow | PDF Version (2 pp, 1.4MB)
Planning for Disaster Debris (1995 version) | PDF (1995 Version) (28 pp, 1.1MB)
Planning for Natural Disaster Debris (PDF) (2008 Version) (94 pp, 1.9MB)
RCRA in Focus: Construction, Demolition, and Renovation (PDF) (24 pp, 1.5MB)
Tire-Derived Fuel (TDF) (PDF) (1 pg, 12K)
Tribal Waste Journal: Construction and Demolition Materials: Concrete Reasons to Manage Them Now (PDF) (24 pp, 748K)
2007 Buy Recycled Series: Construction Products (PDF) (9 pp, 361K)
2007 Buy Recycled Series: Vehicular Products (PDF) (8 pp, 456K)
Using Coal Ash in Highway Construction: A Guide to Benefits and Impacts (PDF) (50 pp, 2.3MB)
Using Recycled Industrial Materials in Buildings (PDF) (4 pp, 538K)
Using Recycled Industrial Materials in Roadways (PDF) (4 pp, 1.1MB)
Waste and Materials-Flow Benchmark Sector Report: Beneficial Use of Secondary Materials - Coal Combustion Products (PDF) (95 pp, 559K)

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