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Advancing Sustainable Materials Management: Facts and Figures - Formerly known as Municipal Solid Waste in the United States: Facts and Figures. This report series describes the national municipal solid waste stream based on data collected since 1960. It contains information on the benefits of recycling, as well as data on waste generation, recycling, composting, and disposal. Starting in 2013, it includes information on construction and demlolition debris generation.

Glossary - Find commonly used environmental terms, acronyms, and abbreviations.

Hazardous Waste Data - Hazardous waste data is contained in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Information (RCRAInfo), a national program management and inventory system about hazardous waste handlers. In general, all generators, transporters, treaters, storers, and disposers of hazardous waste are required to provide information about their activities to state environmental agencies, which is then transmitted to EPA.

Publications - This page contains all publications related to the information found on this site, and users may search for publications either alphabetically or by topic

Public Service Announcements - This page contains some of the audio recordings (MP3) and transcripts from famous people who talks about the benefits of recycling throughout the neighborhood communities.

RCRA Online - RCRA Online is an electronic database of selected letters, memoranda, and questions and answers written by the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery (ORCR) since 1980. These documents cover the management of nonhazardous, hazardous, and medical waste regulated by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

Regulations.gov allows you to search, view, and comment on Federal regulations. This government-wide, centralized docket management system provides access to all publicly available regulatory material, such as Federal Register notices and rules, supporting analyses, and comments submitted by the public. Rulemakings materials are also available in hard copy at the RCRA Docket.

Waste Environmental Management Systems (EMS) - Describes ways for improving environmental performance by providing organizations with the tools to both successfully manage their environmental activities, and to manage those activities in a cost effective manner.

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