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Metech International, Inc. Success Story

Increasingly, people have begun to realize that all of their old electronics cannot just be thrown into the dumpster. Electronics need to be safely managed and recycled due to their hazardous components and their potential negative impact on the environment if they were to end up in a landfill. Companies don't want the liability of their unwanted electronics being mishandled and causing environmental damage. Metech International provides customers the service of properly recycling their end-of-life electronics. Having an ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System (EMS), validates Metech's practices and provides customers the assurance that their end-of-life electronics are being managed in an environmentally sound manner.

An EMS provided Metech with the formal structure to connect all of their systems and programs. The EMS served as the foundation to establish standard operating procedures and continually strive from improvement. By implementing a quality EMS, Metech gained ISO 14001 certification and then received the International Association of Electronics Recyclers certification. These certifications verify that Metech follows the processes and operating procedures laid out in their EMS.

"ISO certification confirms our commitment to responsible handing of unwanted electronic components," said John Koskinas, president of Metech. "We have always held ourselves to high standards of quality control and environmental responsibility, but ISO certification gives us formal, globally recognized framework to tie everything together and plot continuous improvement."

Metech's certified EMS gives their customers the peace of mind that their end-of-life electronics are being recycled and managed by a reputable reclaimer.

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