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Hazardous Waste Data

Change Management Process (CMP)

To manage new or changing information needs of the RCRA Subtitle C program, EPA and the States developed a Change Management Process (CMP). The CMP was designed to meet the needs of both the RCRA information management community and the RCRA program management community. The process allows all RCRAInfo users to submit change suggestions and provides all stakeholders a voice in deciding which system changes are implemented. More information on the CMP (PDF) (31 pp, 288K, About PDF)

EPA manages RCRAInfo, a national information system to support the RCRA Subtitle C Hazardous Waste program. This section also provides additional information:


RCRAInfo is EPA's comprehensive information system, providing access to data supporting the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) of 1976 and the Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments (HSWA) of 1984. RCRAInfo replaces the data recording and reporting abilities of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Information System (RCRIS) and the Biennial Reporting System (BRS).

The RCRAInfo system allows tracking of many types of information about the regulated universe of RCRA hazardous waste handlers. RCRAInfo characterizes facility status, regulated activities, and compliance histories and captures detailed data on the generation of hazardous waste from large quantity generators and on waste management practices from treatment, storage, and disposal facilities.

Using cutting-edge technology and a simple architecture, RCRAInfo provides a convenient user interface for the program staff and managers of the EPA and its State and Tribal partners. RCRAInfo data is made available to the public through EPA's Envirofacts Data Warehouse through monthly extracts or through the  Right to Know Network. Exit EPA

The Right to Know Network provides free access to numerous databases, text files, conferences on the environment, housing, and sustainable development. It is operated by two nonprofit organizations - OMB Watch and the Unison Institute - and funded by various government agencies and foundations, including EPA.

The same flat files that are provided to Envirofacts and the Right to Know Network are also available - free of charge - for downloading from the EPA publicly accessible FTP server:

A comprehensive help file is also available to explain the flat file specifications and data element values:

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