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Final Rule: Listing Determination for Inorganic Chemicals, November 20, 2001

Summary of Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is listing as hazardous three wastes generated from inorganic chemical manufacturing processes. EPA is promulgating these regulations under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), which directs EPA to determine whether certain wastes generated by inorganic chemical manufacturing industries may present a substantial hazard to human health or the environment. The effects of listing these three wastes as hazardous are to subject them to: comprehensive management and treatment standards under Subtitle C of RCRA; and emergency notification requirements for releases to the environment under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA).

This final rule also adds the toxic constituents found in the wastes being listed as hazardous to the list of constituents that serves as the basis for classifying wastes as hazardous and establishing treatment standards for the wastes. Additionally, EPA is making final determinations not to list the remainder of wastes generated by inorganic chemical manufacturing processes that were described in our proposed listing determination.

Finally, EPA is applying universal treatment standards (UTS) under the Land Disposal Restrictions program to the inorganic chemical manufacturing wastes listed in this rulemaking. The listed wastes must be treated to meet these treatment standards for specific constituents prior to land disposal. At this time, however, we are deferring final action on all elements of the proposal related to manganese, including the proposal to add manganese to Appendix VII of 40 CFR 261 as a basis for listing K178, to add manganese to Appendix VIII of 40 CFR 261, to add manganese to the UTS and to the BDAT standards for F039, and to set an RQ standard in Sec. 302.4 for manganese.

Federal Register Notice (PDF) (2 pp, 20K, About PDF): Correction to Final Rule - April 9, 2002

Federal Register Notice (PDF) (43 pp, 231K, About PDF): Final Rule - November 20, 2001

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