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Revised Risk Assessment for the Air Characteristic Study, November, 1999

The risk assessment described in this document is a national analysis designed to assess the potential human health risk attributable to inhalation exposures when certain chemicals and metals are managed as waste in certain types of waste management units (WMUs). The purpose of the analysis is to determine which chemicals and waste management units are of potential national concern purely from a risk perspective; it is not intended to draw conclusions concerning regulatory coverage. This information, combined with preliminary information on regulatory coverage and on the presence of these chemicals in nonhazardous waste, will be useful in determining the need for expanded regulatory coverage. Specifically, the purpose of this study is to provide technical information on the potential risk from WMU emissions to help EPA determine the need to expand regulatory coverage in the future. The analysis presented in this report addresses specific chemicals that when managed as a waste may pose a risk through direct inhalation exposures.

Volume I: Overview (PDF) (141 pp, 730K, About PDF)

Volume II: Technical Background Document (PDF) (250 pp, 2.1MB, About PDF)

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