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Response to Comments Document

The responses contain:

Table of Contents (PDF) (3 pp, 10K)

Volume I

Background information on the organization (PDF) (92 pp, 184K)

Reference to comments submitted by another organization (PDF) (11 pp, 23K)

Comments on the Universal Waste Rule Option

General comments on the universal waste (PDF) (337 pp, 979K)

Inclusion of other lamps (e.g., incandescent and neon) in addition to mercury lamps (PDF) (18 pp, 55K)

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Notification requirement for universal waste handlers storing more than 35,000 spent mercury-containing lamps (PDF) (18 pp, 58K)

Storage limit of one year and other alternatives for demonstrating storage time (PDF) (26 pp, 82K)

Tracking requirements; use of manifest, shipping papers, or other alternatives (PDF) (30 pp, 89K)

Management controls; comments on packaging, storage, transportation, and crushing lamps (PDF) (141 pp, 432K)

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Comments on Issues Raised in the Proposed Rule

Suggested alternatives and/or additions to the proposed options that will still protect human health and the environment (PDF) (99 pp, 292K)

Present management practices (storage, handling, treatment) of mercury-containing lamps (PDF) (51 pp, 157K)

Definition of "lamp" and "mercury-containing lamp" (PDF)(33 pp, 116K)

Economic impact and compliance costs; other cost information (PDF) (77 pp, 204K)

Release, fate, and transport of mercury in waste, groundwater, and air (PDF) (197 pp, 590K)

General comments not elsewhere classified (PDF) (132 pp, 373K)

Energy-efficient light programs such as Green Lights (PDF) (42 pp, 124K)

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Volume II

Comments on Issues Raised in the Proposed Rule (continued)

Health effects and/or ecological effects of mercury in the environment (PDF) (44 pp, 120K)

Paperwork Reduction Act (PDF) (1 pg, 7K)

Recycling operations (both general and specific to mercury-lamp recyclers) (PDF) (120 pp, 346K)

Regulatory Flexibility Act; effect on small businesses (PDF)(6 pp, 20K)

Suggested changes to the proposed regulatory language (PDF) (31 pp, 85K)

Source reduction initiatives and/or programs involving reduction of mercury in lamps (PDF) (22 pp, 66K)

State regulation of mercury-containing lamps and enforcement; state authorization issues (PDF) (94 pp, 275K)

Sunset provision for both options (PDF) (30 pp, 87K)

Request for an extension to the comment period (PDF) (2 pp, 8K)

Measuring toxicity of mercury in lamps and other metal wastes; issues pertaining to the TCLP (PDF) (83 pp, 264K)

General comments on the Universal Waste regulations that are now specific to mercury-containing lamps (PDF) (11 pp, 35K)

Additional data on mercury in municipal solid waste landfill and/or other solid waste landfill leachate, groundwater, air emissions (PDF) (54 pp, 145K)

Additional data on releases of mercury during storage, transportation, and waste management (PDF) (3 pp, 16K)

Additional data on air transport of mercury; mercury methylation process; studies that measure amount of mercury released from broken lamps (PDF) (23 pp, 66K)

Additional information on mercury-containing lamp recycling operations and practices (PDF) (39 pp, 109K)

Additional data on cost and benefits of including handling requirements as a criteria for the conditional exclusion option (PDF) (2 pp, 13K)

Additional data on the toxicity of lamps other than mercury-containing lamps (PDF) (3 pp, 15K)

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Comments on the Conditional Exclusion Option

General comments on the conditional exclusion for mercury-containing lamps (PDF) (450 pp, 1.3MB)

Exclusion criteria: disposal in "EPA-approved units" (PDF) (35 pp, 117K)

Exclusion criteria: reclaimed in state-permitted or registered recycling facilities (PDF) (11 pp, 39K)

Exclusion criteria: prohibition on disposal in municipal waste combustors (PDF) (14 pp, 42K)

Exclusion criteria: storage and handling requirements during transportation (PDF) (202 pp, 628K)

Exclusion criteria: recordkeeping requirements and alternatives for demonstrating compliance (PDF) (119 pp, 348K)

Exclusion criteria: expanding proposed exclusion to include disposal in non-municipal solid waste Subtitle D facilities (PDF) (42 pp, 128K)

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