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RCRA Financial Assurance Tools

This page presents tools that may be helpful when implementing or complying with the financial assurance requirements.

Top Financial Assurance Tips (PDF) (2 pp, 23K, About PDF)
Tips on a wide range of financial assurance issues.  These tips for financial assurance implementers are arranged roughly in decreasing order of importance and ascending order of difficulty within each section.   

RCRA Subtitle C Financial Assurance Instrument Fact Sheets for Closure/Post-Closure

These fact sheets provide EPA and state staff an overview of each instrument, including: Trust Fund, Surety Bond, Insurance, Corporate Financial Test and Letter of Credit (the Corporate Guarantee fact sheet will be provided at a later date). Specific information includes regulatory requirements, recommended best practices, frequently asked questions, and sources of additional information.

CostPro Software

CostPro software is intended primarily for the use of EPA and state personnel in evaluating the adequacy of current cost estimates for closure and post-closure care of typical hazardous waste TSDFs.

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