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Notice of Availability of RCRA Closure and Post-Closure Care Cost Estimating Software

Subtitle C of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) establishes financial assurance requirements for owners or operators of hazardous waste treatment, storage, or disposal facilities (TSDFs). RCRA regulations, (40 CFR, parts 264 and 265), require that the owner or operator seeking a permit to manage hazardous waste prepare an estimate of the costs required to close the facility and the cost to perform post-closure care at the facility based, in part, on the costs of a third-party performing the work.

The support materials for this NODA, including the methodology mentioned below, are available for public review online, as explained below. Please note that materials will not be available from Regulations.gov until the rule is published in the Federal Register.

To use Regulations.gov:

In 1986, EPA developed a methodology to evaluate closure and post-closure cost estimates. The methodology is discussed in detail in Cost Estimates for Closure and Post-Closure Care Plans (EPA/530-SW-87-009). The methodology provides EPA and state permit writers with a consistent, accurate and rapid method of evaluating cost estimates for closure and post-closure care of TSDFs.

The CostPro software is used to estimate these costs. The methods and procedures set forth in CostPro are intended primarily for the use of EPA and state personnel in evaluating the adequacy of current cost estimates for closure and post-closure care of typical hazardous waste TSDFs. EPA has received a number of inquiries about CostPro from industry. To provide industry with our basis for these estimates, EPA will provide copies of CostPro upon request.

The Cost Pro software package is available to interested parties. This software package is an update to the 2001 edition. The new edition has 2009 values and is on an MS.NET 2.0 platform in C#, which is a contemporary software platform.

Because EPA’s license for use of the program data extends only to state governments, public users will be asked to submit proof that appropriate permission has been obtained from the RS Means Company, one of the primary sources of the cost information. Permission can be obtained from the company by contacting Paula Croke (pcroke@reedbusiness.com) of RS Means.

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