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LDR Rules and Regulations 1997

Date: Dec. 5, 1997
Citation: 62 FR 64503
Subject: LDR–Clarification of Standards for Treatment Variances, Final Rule
Abstract: This final rule clarifies conditions for granting treatment variances. It presents circumstances when application of the national treatment standard could be found to be "inappropriate," specifically where the national treatment standard is unsuitable from a technical standpoint or where the national treatment standard could lead to environmentally counterproductive results by discouraging needed remediation. The rule also withdraws the variance granted to Citgo for its Lake Charles Louisiana facility.

Date: Nov. 10, 1997
Citation: 62 FR 60465
Subject: LDR, Phase IV–Second Supplemental Proposal, Metal Wastes, Mineral Processing Wastes (PDF) (3 pp, 115K, About PDF), Notice of Data Availability
Abstract: This NODA presents for comment additional capacity information that may be used for the Phase IV final rule. The information concerns three wastes produced by the FMC Corporation.

Date: Aug. 28, 1997
Citation: 62 FR 45568
Subject: LDR, Phase III--Second Emergency Revision of Treatment Standards for Listed Hazardous Wastes From Carbamate Production (PDF) (8 pp, 147K, About PDF), Immediate Final Rule
Abstract: This emergency revision extends the alternative carbamate treatment standards by one year. Therefore, carbamate wastes may be treated to meet the concentration limits set as the treatment standards or may be treated by the technology used as the basis for the concentration limits.

Date: July 14, 1997
Citation: 62 FR 37694
Subject: LDR, Phase III--Emergency Extension of the K088 National Capacity Variance (PDF) (6 pp, 135K, About PDF), Final Rule
Abstract: This capacity extension permits K088 wastes to be land disposed without having to comply with LDR treatment standards until Oct. 8, 1997. K088 wastes include spent potliners resulting from primary aluminum production.

Date: June 17, 1997
Citation: 62 FR 32973
Subject: Carbamate Production, Identification and Listing of Hazardous Waste (PDF) (7 pp, 140K, About PDF), Final Rule
Abstract: This final rule vacates the carbamates hazardous waste listings (and LDR treatment standards) in response to Dithiocarbamates Task Force v. EPA.

Date: June 9, 1997
Citation: 62 FR 31406
Subject: LDR, Phase IV--Second Supplemental Proposal on Treatment Standards for Metal Wastes and Mineral Processing Wastes, Mineral Processing and Bevill Exclusion Issues, and the Use of Hazardous Waste as Fill (PDF) (8 pp, 147K, About PDF), Extension of Comment Period
Abstract: This extension changes the public comment period for the Phase IV Second Supplemental Proposed Rule to August 12, 1997.

Date: May 12, 1997
Citation: 62 FR 26041
Subject: LDR, Phase IV-- Second Supplemental Proposal on Treatment Standards for Metal Characteristic Wastes, Mineral Processing Wastes, Proposed Rule
Abstract: This notice proposes revised universal treatment standards for 12 metal constituents when they are in hazardous waste. Comments are sought on a conditional exemption for secondary mineral processing materials. This notice also includes an exclusion from the definition of solid waste for certain wood preserving wastewaters. In addition, the use of most hazardous wastes as fill material is proposed to be prohibited.

Date: May 12, 1997
Citation: 62 FR 25998
Subject: LDR, Phase IV--Wood-Preserving Wastes, Paperwork Reduction (Minirule), Final Rule (See also Supplemental Information)
Abstract: This final rule sets treatment standards and effective dates for wood preserving wastes. The rule significantly reduced LDR paperwork. The rule also promulgates an alternative treatment standard, polymerization, for certain ignitable wastes. Processed circuit boards and scrap metal are exempted from RCRA. The rule also states that the California List treatment standards are all now superceded by subsequent LDR rules.

Date: April 8, 1997
Citation: 62 FR 16747
Subject: Identification and Listing of Petroleum Refining Wastes (PDF) (7 pp, 197K, About PDF), Notice of Data Availability
Abstract: The NODA requests comments on additional modeling analyses using different assumptions that in the original proposed rule.

Date: March 5, 1997
Citation: 62 FR 10004
Subject: LDR, Phase IV–Treatment Standards for Characteristic Metal Wastes (PDF) (3 pp, 115K, About PDF), Notice of Data Availability
Abstract: This notice presents data on the practice of using iron filings as a means of treating lead-contaminated spent foundry sand.

Date: Feb. 19,1997
Citation: 62 FR 7502
Subject: LDR, Correction of Tables; Treatment Standards for Hazardous Waste and Universal Treatment Standards (PDF) (99 pp, 4.0MB, About PDF); Final Rule
Abstract: This final rule corrects and clarifies the tables: "Treatment Standards for Hazardous Wastes" at 40 CFR 268.40 and the "Universal Treatment Standards" at 40 CFR 268.48. Several other corrections were made to the tables in compliance with the Nov. 1, 1996 court decision Dithiocarbamate Task Force v. Environmental Protection Agency. These changes include removal of treatment standards for the 25 vacated carbamate waste codes.

Date: Jan. 14, 1997
Citation: 62 FR 1992
Subject: LDR, Extension of the K088 Capacity Variance (PDF) (6 pp, 138K, About PDF), Final Rule
Abstract: This rule extends the national capacity variance for spent potliners from primary aluminum production (K088) until July 8, 1997. This change is due to unanticipated performance problems with the treatment technology.

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