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LDR Rules and Regulations 1994

Date: Sept. 19, 1994
Citation: 59 FR 47982
Subject: LDR, Phase II--Newly Identified Wastes, Universal Treatment Standards, Final Rule
Abstract: This final rule promulgates treatment standards and effective dates for the toxicity characteristic organic wastes, coke by-products, and chlorotoulenes (D018-D043). This rule also promulgates Universal Treatment Standards.

Date: Sept. 19, 1994
Citation: 59 FR 47980
Subject: LDR, Testing and Monitoring Activities, Final Rule Correction
Abstract: This notice corrects the final regulations published August 31, 1993, which unintentionally removed text from 40 CFR 268.7, the generator paperwork and recordkeeping requirements under the LDR program.

Date: Aug. 15, 1994
Citation: 59 FR 41741
Subject: LDR, Case-By-Case Extension for Great Lakes Chemical Corporation, Notice of Intent to Approve
Abstract: This notice announces EPA's intention to grant a case-by-case extension to GreatLakes Chemical Corporation, due to the company's insufficient treatment capacity to manage its wastewater.

Date: May 27, 1994
Citation: 59 FR 27546
Subject: LDR, Clarification of the Dilution Prohibition and Combustion of Metal-Bearing Wastes, Notice of Availability
Abstract: This notice clarifies the LDR dilution prohibition as it pertains to burning of inorganic, metal-bearing wastes. Such a practice constitutes a violation of the LDR dilution prohibition in certain situations.

Date: April 20, 1994
Citation: 59 FR 18813
Subject: Enforcement Policy on Storage of Mixed Wastes, Policy Statement
Abstract: This notice extends for two years the enforcement policy for facilities which generate radioactive mixed waste. The policy affects certain mixed wastes that are prohibited from land disposal under the LDR program and for which there are no available options for treatment or disposal.

Date: March 8, 1994
Citation: 59 FR 10788
Subject: LDR, Phase II–Newly Identified Wastes and Contaminated Soil, Clarification
Abstract: This notice clarifies that the proposals made in the September 14, 1993 Phase II proposed rule should be addressed as part of the Hazardous Waste Identification Rule (HWIR) for contaminated media rather than under the LDR program.

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