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LDR Rules and Regulations 1993

Date: Sept. 14, 1993
Citation: 58 FR 48092
Subject: LDR, Phase II-- Newly Identified Wastes and Contaminated Soil, Proposed Rule
Abstract: This notice proposes universal treatment standards for newly identified organic toxicity characteristic wastes, coke by-product and chlorotoluene production wastes, as well as for all other wastes regulated under the LDR program. Alternative treatment standards for contaminated soil are also proposed.

Date: May 24, 1993
Citation: 58 FR 29860
Subject: LDR, Ignitable and Corrosive Characteristic Wastes Whose Treatment Standards Were Vacated (The Emergency Rule), Interim Final Rule
Abstract: This final rule amends treatment standards for ignitable and corrosive wastes when they are managed in systems other than those regulated under the Clean Water Act (CWA), those that are CWA equivalent, or those regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act. These treatment standards result from the decision made in Chemical Waste Management v. EPA. Due to the vacating of treatment standards for ignitable and corrosive wastes, this rule specifies that these wastes should not only be deactivated, but underlying hazardous constituents should also treated to meet UTS levels.

Date: May 14, 1993
Citation: 58 FR 28506
Subject: LDR, Renewal of the Hazardous Debris Generic Case-By-Case Capacity Variance, Final Rule
Abstract: This rule extends the generic case-by-case capacity variance issued on May 15, 1992 for an additional year, due to lack of treatment capacity for hazardous debris.

Date: April 27, 1993
Citation: 58 FR 25706
Subject: Wood Surface Protectants as Hazardous Waste, Proposed Rule
Abstract: This notice proposes the addition of certain wastes from the chlorophenolic formulations in the wood surface protection industry to the RCRA list of hazardous wastes. Comments and data are requested for use in establishing LDR treatment standards for F033.

Date: March 17, 1993
Citation: 58 FR 14317
Subject: LDR, Third Third Scheduled Wastes, Amendment
Abstract: This amendment suspends portions of the March 6, 1992 technical amendment to the Third Third final rule. It provides a three month compliance period for the treatment of reactive sulfide and reactive cyanide wastes.

Date: Jan. 19, 1993
Citation: 58 FR 4972
Subject: LDR, Response to Court Decision, Notice of Data Availability
Abstract:This NODA announces availability of information that has been developed by the Agency in order to implement the September 25, 1992 court decision in Chemical Waste Management v. EPA. Parts of that decision involved treatment standards for wastes that are hazardous because they exhibit a characteristic.

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