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Hazardous Waste LDRs: Notice of Public Meeting, July 1-2, 1998

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Office of Solid Waste (name changed to Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery on January 18, 2009) held a public roundtable discussion on the Agency's efforts to evaluate important aspects of and potentially improve the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR) Program. The purpose of the roundtable was to enable individuals who have substantial experience in implementing the LDR Program to offer their own evaluations and suggestions on possible improvements to the program. EPA's overall goal in the LDR reinvention project is to examine the best way to ensure the program is environmentally protective, less expensive, more efficient and flexible, clearer to the public, and more enforceable. The public was welcome to observe the discussions among participants and will be afforded some opportunities to express their views. However, this meeting was not intended to be a full public hearing.

Federal Register Notice (PDF) (2 pp, 146K, About PDF)

Agenda (PDF)

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