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LDR Treatment Standards for Spent Aluminum Potliners (K088) and Regulatory Classification of Vitrification Units: July 12, 2000

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a more environmentally-sound regulatory strategy for the treatment of K088 waste. Every year around 100,000 tons of K088 waste (spent aluminum potliner from primary aluminum reduction) is generated by the aluminum industry. Under our existing Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR) program, generators are required to treat this waste to meet numerical concentrations standards prior to land disposal. Current treatment methods, while effective in achieving these numerical standards, have resulted in an almost three-fold increase in waste volume. This proposal signals a new direction for the LDR program, one which fosters the use of environmentally-sound recycling technologies over treatment that merely prepares a waste for land disposal. This proposal not only promotes the use of a technology that generates two usable products, fluoride dust and glass frit, it also results in the destruction of significant amounts of cyanide in K088 waste. As a consequence, if finalized, the rule will greatly reduce the volume of treated K088 residuals that are land-disposed.

Federal Register Notice (PDF) (23 pp, 339K, About PDF) - July 12, 2000

Fact Sheet (PDF) (2 pp, 18K, About PDF) || Text

Index of Support Materials (Text)

Best Demonstrated Available Technology (BDAT) Background Document for Spent Aluminum Potliners - K088 (PDF) (221 pp, 720K, About PDF)

Economic Assessment of Revised LDR Treatment Standards for Spent Aluminum Potliner - K088 (PDF) (55 pp, 150K, About PDF)

Land Disposal Restrictions Background Document to Establish the Effective Fate for Amended Treatment Standards for Spent Aluminum Potliners - Proposed Rule (PDF) (81 pp, 218K, About PDF)

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