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Open Invitation to Revise Information That Facilities Submitted in Response to the November 1999 Survey of Surface Impoundments

In March 2001, EPA published the report describing the surface impoundment study results. Before the report was published, several trade associations and survey respondents notified EPA about certain errors or ambiguities in the survey responses. Several of these concerns were addressed in the body of the final report; however no changes were made to the supporting data base. EPA expects to finalize the survey data base. Prior to finalizing the data base we have established a process for survey respondents to correct or clarify and then recertify their survey data. If you wish to revise your original survey response please feel free to:

For changes to data on Part C forms, please be sure to label each page with the impoundment name or number. You will need:

Instructions (PDF) (7 pp, 21K, About PDF) ( for sending the resubmissions back to us, if you choose to do so.)

Blank Certification Form (PDF) (1 pg, 6K, About PDF) (to use in certifying the accuracy and completeness of your resubmission.)

You must complete and provide this certification with any changes to your original responses.

EPA's legal authority to request the information is the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Section 3007. Our administrative approval to collect this information (Office of Management and Budget Information Collection Request #2050-0157) expires on December 31, 2001. You have no obligation to provide us with a revised or clarified response; however, if you do we will include the information in updates to our database and in any future analyses we undertake.

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