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Industrial Surface Impoundment Study in the United States

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Executive Summary

Industrial Surface Impoundments in the United States

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Supporting Documents

Revised Submission Guidance - For facilities who would like to resubmit their questionnaires.

Technical Plan (343 pp, 3.7MB) - The major purposes of the technical plan are to provide the analytic blueprint for assessing potential risks associated with the surface impoundment universe (using the data from the surveys and other sources) and to obtain peer review comment on the approaches and methodologies described. The technical plan describes the Phase 1A and 1B human health and Phase 1 ecological risk screening process, and the Phase 1C method of prioritizing results of Phase 1. It also describes the Phase ll. multimedia, multipathway modeling approach to estimate risks to human and ecological receptors.

Peer Reviews of the Surface Impoundment Study Technical Plan for Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment:

Quality Assurance Project Plan for the Sampling and Analysis Program (PDF) (128 pp, 464K) - The quality assurance project plan (QAPP) describes quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC), and technical activities to be implemented during the field sampling and analysis component of the Surface Impoundment Study (SIS). This component of the SIS involves the sampling and analysis of various industrial wastes managed in nonhazardous waste surface impoundments. Data from this sampling and analysis effort will be used to verify data obtained from a survey of such surface impoundments and in the assessment of risks posed by the impounded wastes. Facility-specific sampling and analysis plans (SAPs) will be developed for each facility to be sampled. These SAPs will contain the site- and waste-specific requirements, including information regarding the waste types to be sampled, the sampling locations, the constituents of concern, method performance criteria, and the analytical methods. This QAPP provides a guide and overall approach for sample collection, sample analyses and report preparation and will be sued in the development of the facility-specific SAPs.

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Related Documents

Science Advisory Board (SAB) Review of the Surface Impoundment Study (PDF) (74 pp, 167K) - October 25, 2002

The LDR Surface Impoundment Study Risk Assessment Questionnaire - October 5, 1999

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