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Technical Background Documents and Docket Indices


The Treatment Technology Background Document provides a discussion of the treatment technologies applicable to wastes that are subject to LDRs. The technologies discussed in this document are demonstrated (commercially available) and have been proven to substantially diminish the toxicity of hazardous constituents and/or reduce the likelihood of migration of constituents present in hazardous waste. Treatment performance data from technologies discussed in this document were the basis for the LDR treatment standards.

Treatment Technology Background Document (PDF) (274 pp, 19MB, About PDF) - Be patient - very large file

Docket Indices

This section includes lists of all of the technical background documents for each of the four major LDR Rules, including the docket number, date, and title of the document. The documents are categorized by Rule. Below, you will find more information about how to order paper copies of these documents.

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