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MICE Service

The MICE ServiceThe Methods Information Communication Exchange (MICE) Service provides a valuable and immediate means of public outreach and education. The service:

Additional Information:

Who is the MICE Service?

MICE was created by the Methods Team and is operated by the Team's contractor, TechLaw, Inc. Chemists, sampling experts, and environmentalists that are knowledgeable in SW-846 procedures are directly available through the service to those involved in RCRA-related monitoring.

If a person requesting information through the MICE Service brings up a topic that is outside the scope of the service, the contractor will refer the caller to the appropriate Agency personnel.

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How Does the MICE Service Work?

Persons interested in contacting the MICE Service by telephone may call a voice-mail answering service that is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. The caller can listen to several recorded messages on common SW-846 topics and leave a message containing a question or comment. Some of the common topics include:

Questions and comments also can be submitted to the MICE Service via telefacsimile (fax) or e-mail. The messages are retrieved each work day, and after any necessary research, the MICE Service responds. Comments received on methods are recorded, sorted, and entered into a database for future Agency use.

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How to Contact the MICE Service

Frequent Questions

For a quick answer to your question, please visit the RCRA FAQs Database.

Please include the following in your voice-mail, fax, or E-mail message:

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