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Flowchart for Import Consent Documentation

Flowchart for Import Consent Documentation (PDF) (1 pp, 104K, About PDF) | Text

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Foreign Source Importing to U.S.

Foreign source decides to export hazardous waste or hasardous recyclables to U.S. for disposal or recycling.

Foreign exporter sends notice to its authority proposing export to U.S. for disposal or recycling.

Country of export sends copy of notice to EPA and any listed countries of Transit (including stops at ports).

EPA reviews notice using criteria to determine whether to: EPA sends out:

U.S. TSDF Accepting Materials from Foreign Source

U.S. TSDF decides to accept hazardous waste from foreign source.

U.S. TSDF notifies EPA Regional Office four weeks in advance of expected initial shipment of specific waste from specific foreign source.

U.S. TSDF receives consent documentation from EPA, keeps on file to match with incoming shipments.

Shipment enters United States.

U.S. importer assumes generator responsiblities, including inititating manifest.

Transporter signs manifest and delivers to U.S. TSDF.

U.S. TSDF matches manifest with relevant consent documentation from EPA on file, sends copies of manifest and consent documentation to EPA within 30 days of shipment reciept.

For shipments from OECD countries listed in 40 CFR 262.58(a)(1), U.S. TDSF must also submit to EPA and the countries of export and transit seperate confirmations of receipt and of completing recycling.

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