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Collection of Materials on Import/Export Regulatory Requirements

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This collection of materials provides information about the regulatory requirements for importing and exporting hazardous waste under the Resource Conservation, and Recovery Act (RCRA). Within the United States, RCRA regulates hazardous waste from its point of generation until its ultimate disposal or disposition. All handlers of hazardous waste, from those that first produce the waste to those that ultimately dispose of the waste, have distinct requirements under RCRA to ensure protective cradle-to-grave waste management. RCRA provides special provisions for hazardous waste that is generated domestically and subsequently shipped outside of the United States. Similarly, RCRA contains procedures that regulate hazardous waste that is produced in foreign countries and imported into the United States.

This document describes the RCRA requirements applicable to those parties that import or export hazardous wastes. These regulations apply only to wastes that are defined as hazardous. Chapter I of this document explains which wastes are considered hazardous under RCRA, identifies those wastes that are specifically excluded from regulation, and discusses other hazardous wastes that are conditionally exempt from RCRA requirements. Chapters II and III then explore other considerations for importers and exporters of hazardous waste For example, the export regulations differ depending on the country receiving the waste and the type of waste management that occurs in the foreign country. Chapters IV and V provide the requirements for import and export of waste to OECD countries under the Basel Treaty.

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