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Companies Approved as of October 27, 2015 to Export CRTs for Recycling

Companies listed in the table below have been approved to export whole CRTs, broken CRTs, or unprocessed CRT glass for recycling under EPA’s CRT rule. Each company has received written approval from the receiving country and EPA concerning the:

Currently, exports of these CRTs have been approved to recycling facilities in Mexico. The table lists the U.S. exporter name, site address, and end date for CRT shipments. The end date reflects the last date on which the exporter may send CRTs to an approved foreign recycling facility. If the exporter is currently approved to export to more than one facility, the end date reflects the latest date they may export to any of the foreign recycling facilities.

Exporter Name Exporter Site Address End Date for Approved Exports
Technologies Displays Americas, LLC 1778 Carr Road, Suite 4B
Calexico, CA 92231

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