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Export Requirements for Cathode Ray Tubes

A cathode ray tube (CRT) is the glass video display component of an electronic device (usually a television or computer monitor). In 2006, EPA finalized a rule streamlining the management requirements for the recycling of used CRTs and glass removed from CRTs under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (71 FR 42928, July 28, 2006). In 2014, EPA finalized revisions to the export provisions of the CRT final rule (79 FR 36220, June 26, 2014).

Note: The 2014 CRT export rule becomes effective December 26, 2014. The e-CFR links below will not reflect the new requirements until after this effective date.


Definition of CRT Exporter

CRT exporter is defined in 40 CFR 260.10 and means any person in the United States who initiates a transaction to send used CRTs outside the United States or its territories for recycling or reuse, or any intermediary in the United States arranging for such export.

Used, Intact CRTs Exported for Reuse

Used CRTs (Broken or Intact) Exported for Recycling

CRT Glass Exported for Recycling

Unused, Intact CRTs Exported for Reuse or Recycling


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