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Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals Wiki

EPA launched the Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals Wiki Exit EPA as a public platform for healthcare professionals to share their expertise regarding whether pharmaceuticals are hazardous waste when discarded. Professionals in the healthcare industry must register to edit and contribute new information to the wiki, pending EPAís approval. Anyone may view the Wiki without registering. This project will foster compliance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act in the healthcare industry by aiding that first crucial step in managing hazardous waste: determining that the waste is indeed a hazardous waste.

Who can Participate?

Members of the healthcare community are invited to participate. This includes healthcare professionals, state and local agencies, tribes, federal agencies, consultants, nonprofit organizations, and members of industry and professional organizations, among others. Anyone can view the Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals Wiki, but only those in the healthcare community may contribute to or edit the Wiki.

How can I Participate?

Visit the Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals Wiki Exit EPA for more information, including instructions on how to register.

What if Iím not a Healthcare Professional?

This Wiki is intended to help healthcare professionals that discard pharmaceuticals; it is not intended for household consumers of pharmaceuticals. The status of pharmaceuticals as hazardous waste should not imply that they are unsafe for use when they are taken as directed. For recommended disposal practices of pharmaceuticals by household consumers, see Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PDF) (2 pp, 499K).


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