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The National RCRA Corrective Action Training Curriculum

The following pages represent the initial step in developing a national RCRA Corrective Action Curriculum. They contain training for new and experienced federal and state Corrective Action (CA) project managers. This training can help equip CA project managers with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve the 2008 Government Performance Results Act (GPRA) goals, as well as the 2020 RCRA Vision goals, for corrective action. These goals place a strong emphasis on finding quicker, more efficient ways to get human exposures under control and get sites cleaned up. The curriculum is arranged by topic area, with subtopics where appropriate. Each area lists and provides access to basic training materials and, then, enhanced training available on-line. Users also can access supplemental topic-related training, resources, and links, if available, as well as available topic-related training and resources from non-RCRA programs.

This initial curriculum is the result of a 2005-2006 project led by the EPA/OSW (renamed Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery, ORCR, on January 18, 2009) Corrective Action Branch and guided by a Working Group that included Corrective Action program supervisors, Corrective Action project managers, and enforcement personnel from EPA and RCRA-authorized states. Future plans call for updating existing training and developing new training to support continued advancement toward Corrective Action program goals.

The recommended topic areas are:

RCRA — This area includes training materials about RCRA's mission and statutory authorities, 2008 and 2020 goals, hazardous waste identification, enforcement, land disposal restrictions, permitting, and financial assurance.

Corrective Action (CA) — This area includes training materials about Corrective Action program and goals for 2008 and 2020, streamlined Corrective Action approaches, public participation, risk assessment, groundwater protection, federal facilities, and environmental project management.

CA Facility/Site Assessment and Investigation — This area includes training materials about data quality, on-line assessment support tools, sampling, site characterization technologies, sampling, vapor intrusion issues, and selected media and contaminants.

CA Corrective Measures/Remedy Selection — This area includes training materials about site-specific remedial goals, cleanup standards, remedy selection, interim actions, and cleanup technologies and processes.

Corrective Action Completion — This area includes training materials about closure and post-closure care requirements and institutional controls.

Redevelopment and Reuse — This area includes training materials about efforts to facilitate redevelopment and reuse of Corrective Action sites.

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