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Add the iWARM widget to your Web page. The widget helps users on your Web site understand how much energy is saved through recycling, and lets them share their results.

The iWARM widget displays energy-saving benefits of recycling. This is the widget-version of the iWARM, which helps consumers understand the energy saved by recycling small quantities of common household products, rather than landfilling them. The energy savings are translated into the equivalent amount of electricity, estimating how long that amount of electricity will operate a variety of household appliances.

The energy calculations are based on the Waste Reduction Model (WARM), which was created to help solid waste planners and organizations track greenhouse gas emissions reductions from several different waste management practices. For information on the data and methodologies behind the calculations, please see the model documentation.

You can share your calculation results on Twitter or Facebook, or embed the widget on your own website. There are two variations of the widget that are available for use. The widget can be added to a variety of web pages. If you need help in adding a widget to your Web page, please contact your webmaster or service provider.

This widget is available in two layouts: tall or wide. Click the "Get widget" button under either layout to get the code for adding the widget to your page.

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