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Success Stories – Midsize Organizations


The success stories provided on this website are for information purposes only and do not constitute or imply an endorsement or recommendation by EPA or the United States Government of any specific commercial products, processes, or services mentioned therein.

Frito-Lay – Beloit, WI

In December 2008, the Beloit Frito-Lay site was the first Frito-Lay plant to achieve zero landfill waste, with less than one percent of all waste streams going to the landfill. This remarkable goal was achieved by identifying the site’s waste streams and having departments collectively develop a comprehensive, easy-to-use landfill diversion program. The Beloit site is now helping other Frito-Lay sites achieve similar results. Headquarters has asked the Beloit site to provide other sites with tours of its facilities. Representatives of the Beloit site also gave presentations about their work at Frito-Lay’s annual environmental conference.

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