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The success stories provided on this website are for information purposes only and do not constitute or imply an endorsement or recommendation by EPA or the United States Government of any specific commercial products, processes, or services mentioned therein.

NEC Electronics America, Inc. – Roseville Facility

A WasteWise Partner since April 1994, NEC Electronics America, Inc.’s Roseville, California facility employs 700 individuals and has won seven WasteWise awards, including five Partner of the Year awards, one Program Champion and one Honorable Mention. The facility’s success can be attributed to its extensive waste diversion efforts. In 2008 alone, the Roseville facility successfully diverted 1.03 million pounds, or 82 percent of its total solid waste, from landfills saving the facility nearly $97,000 in disposal fees. Also in 2008, NEC also generated $430,000 in revenue from its recycling activities. Over the past 16 years NEC has diverted over 4,700 tons of waste from the landfill through both waste prevention and recycling efforts. This has translated into a combined savings and revenue of more than seven million dollars.

NEC’s success can be attributed to its Waste Reduction, Prevention and Recycling Program, which is continually evolving. In 2008, the company added an onsite vermiculture program and expanded its community outreach to include a Community e-Waste Day. Individuals were encouraged to recycle unwanted televisions, monitors, computers, cell phones, and batteries. A total of 54,789 pounds of e-waste was collected and the proceeds from recycling those materials were donated to a Roseville City recycling program. The company also donates excess paint to a local high school drama department, which helps save on disposal costs and benefits the community.

Steelcase, Inc.

Steelcase, Inc. uses the McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry’s cradle-to-cradle certification to ensure every new product meets cradle-to-cradle certification criteria. Steelcase continues to be a leader in the industry with an extensive listing of cradle-to-cradle certified products, producing 45 certified product lines that include 78 certificates. These include an innovative line of office furniture and the Eno interactive whiteboard, the first-ever cradle-to-cradle certified electronic product in the world.

Tennessee Galvanizing, Inc.

Tennessee Galvanizing, Inc. is a leader in industrial materials recycling. By altering its manufacturing processes, creating an onsite acid recycling unit, and developing new machinery, Tennessee Galvanizing, Inc. eliminated 100 percent of its hazardous waste—more than 4.75 million pounds. These changes required a shift of company policy and a level of cooperation with competitors that was previously unseen in the galvanizing industry. In addition, Tennessee Galvanizing, Inc. is freely sharing its newly developed skim machine with other galvanizers through the American Galvanizers Association, helping to disseminate this technology and transform waste reduction efforts throughout the industry.

Krueger International, Inc.

Krueger International manufacturers contract furniture, classroom furniture, and healthcare furniture. In 2008, Krueger International successfully diverted nearly 396,000 pounds of packing materials from landfills through its waste prevention and recycling initiatives. Krueger and its suppliers emphasized reducing customer packaging, recycling packaging materials and utilizing recycled materials and components in final products. The company also developed unique injection molded plastic skids and reusable plastic totes, both of which reduce the need for disposable shipping materials.

Herman Miller, Inc. – Zeeland, Michigan

Herman Miller, Inc. designs and manufacturers furnishings and provides related strategic services. Designing products with consideration for their environmental impact is a fundamental corporate strategy for Herman Miller. This past year, the company’s Design for the Environment Team focused on developing environmentally sensitive design standards for new and existing Herman Miller products. Herman Miller also held more than 200 meetings with suppliers to discuss their sustainability goals and requirements, as well as solicit ideas for substituting environmentally harmful materials.

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