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Success Stories – Large Organizations


The success stories provided on this website are for information purposes only and do not constitute or imply an endorsement or recommendation by EPA or the United States Government of any specific commercial products, processes, or services mentioned therein.

Allergan, Inc. – Gold Achievement for Climate Change

Allergan, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company that has worked to substantially reduce its carbon footprint. By tracking energy use in real time, Allergan was able to analyze consumption and quickly identify energy saving opportunities. In 2008, the company reduced its energy use by more than 11 million kWh, for annual greenhouse gas savings of more than 3,900 tons. To further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Allergan reached out to suppliers, customers, and the community. The company sponsored awareness campaigns, promoted car-free days, and held educational events for local schools. They also reduced their waste by over 1,800 tons. These efforts not only helped Allergan reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but saved the company more than $1.7 million.

Herman Miller, Inc. – Honorable Mention for Gold Achievement for Product Stewardship

Herman Miller, Inc. designs and manufacturers furnishings and provides related strategic services. Designing products with consideration for their environmental impact is a fundamental corporate strategy for Herman Miller. This past year, the company’s Design for the Environment Team focused on developing environmentally sensitive design standards for new and existing Herman Miller products. Herman Miller also held more than 200 meetings with suppliers to discuss their sustainability goals and requirements, as well as solicit ideas for substituting environmentally harmful materials.


Millipore is a US-based life sciences equipment maker that has for more than 50 years provided cutting edge tools, technologies and application solutions to aid scientists and engineers in finding new cures for challenging health issues.

In one year, Millipore realized over $318,000 in purchasing cost avoidance due to pollution prevention. In addition, Millipore had a disposal cost avoidance of more than $174,000 by recycling solid waste and solvents.

In their Jaffrey plant, 75% - 80% of solvents used in production were recovered and reused. The solvents used in production have the potential to emit more than 15 tons of a carcinogen, known as dichloromethane. Millipore implemented systems to minimize the emissions and recapture the solvent for future use. Solvent is removed from the waste stream using an activated carbon followed by stream stripping.

Millipore installed an on-site methanol recovery system to recycle methanol material used in manufacturing their membranes. Between 2006 and 2008, Millipore captured and recycled, a total of 1075 tons of methanol.

Millipore also manufactures a bioplastic for its packaging material. Known as the EcoStand, this corn-based plastic provides an environmentally responsible alternative to conventional petroleum-based plastic.

Millipore employs other green standards such as their Green Procurement which, includes electronic payments to reduce the use of paper.

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