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Recognition and Awards

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Recognition is a key element of the EPA’s Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Program and the Electronics Challenge. EPA is providing public recognition and awards to SMM Electronics Challenge participants for their commitment to recycling electronics responsibly.

Public Recognition

Participants will be publicly recognized on EPA’s website as a Registrant, New Participant, or Active Participant.

Stage of ParticipationStatus Posted on EPA Website
Completion of SMM Electronics online registrationRegistrant
Baseline data submitted New Participant
Annual data submitted and reviewed by EPAActive Participant


Electronics Challenge Awards are offered in two categories: Tier and Champion. Tier Awards are given in recognition of achieving of all the requirements under a Gold, Silver or Bronze Tier. Champion Awards are given in two categories: Product and Non-Product. For the purposes of the Champion Awards, a Product is an item that is manufactured, developed or refined for sale and is in the marketplace, while a Non-Product is an internal or external plan, strategy, or policy for an organization, as well as a service, program or item that is intended for individual sale to a consumer.

Apply for an Electronics Challenge Champion Award (PDF) (4 pp, 363 Kb).

Award Winners

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