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Success Stories

Photo of a smiling worker at construction site

Building Savings: Strategies for Waste Reduction of Construction and Demolition Debris from Buildings (PDF) (20 pp, 875K, about PDF)
EPA530-F-00-001; June 2000
This document profiles communities in Connecticut, Oregon, New York, Wisconsin, Texas, and California that are “record-setters” in C&D materials reduction and recovery. The publication was produced by the Institute for Local Self-reliance (ILSR), a nonprofit organization, with funding from EPA.

EPA’s GreenScapes website offers a success story about the Aspen Skiing Company in Aspen, Colorado that has decided to reuse building materials and create compost out of the remaining materials instead of throwing them away. The company kept 84 percent of the materials from old buildings out of the local landfill and allowed the materials to have a second life in new buildings and compost.

Looney Bins, Inc. Exit EPA with locations in both the City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County, found a market niche by contracting with local Hollywood movie studios to deconstruct movie lots containing wood, cardboard, metal, plastic, and other salvageable items. The company then sells and/or donates the recovered materials. Its new site, Downtown Diversion, is capable of processing all types of C&D materials, including asphalt, brick, wood, drywall, cardboard, concrete, carpet, scrap metal, roofing shingles, and other similar materials. Eighty percent of what is brought in will be diverted from landfill disposal. Material diversion is expected to reach 50,000 tons of C&D annually. With the increase in material intake and processing, the company expects to realize some economies of scale.

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