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Action Plans and Accomplishment/Progress Reports to Integrate Environmental Justice

Two youths play basketball as a nearby refinery emits air pollution EPA's Environmental Justice Action Plans ("EJ Action Plans") establish measurable commitments that address the Agency's national environmental justice priorities. These priorities create an Agency-wide focus on matters that environmental justice advocates and others have identified as critical environmental justice issues.

To integrate these priorities into the Agency's work, the EJ Action Plans follow EPA's planning and budgeting goal structure and also include a "Cross-Cutting Strategies" (e.g., internal management) goal. Each EJ Action Plan, at a minimum, addresses the following priorities:

Reduce Asthma Attacks
Reduce Exposure to Air Toxics
Fish and Shellfish Safe to Eat
Water Safe to Drink
Enforcement and Compliance
Ensure Compliance
Healthy Communities
Revitalization of Brownfields and Contaminated Sites
Reduced Incidence of Elevated Blood Lead Levels
Collaborative Problem-Solving

In addition to the national environmental justice priorities, each Region focuses on local needs and priorities and employs strategies tailored to local conditions. Similarly, Headquarters Program Offices (e.g., Office of Water, Office of Air and Radiation) identify, in their respective Action Plan, priorities, initiatives, strategies that address issues specific to their area of work. The current EJ Action Plans cover Calender Year 2008 and Fiscal Year 2009.

The Accomplishment/Progress Reports focus on the integration of environmental justice into the Agency's decision making processes. The reports help to ensure that EPA addresses its national environmental justice priorities by identifying results from the programs and activities in each of the Program and Regional Offices.

Regional and Headquarters offices prepare Accomplishment/Progress Reports on their implementation of the strategies outlined in their Environmental Justice Action Plans.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Older Action Plans and Progess Reports have been archived and are located in the Docket and Information Center (ECDIC) under Docket #EC-2007-002.


Action Plans

Accomplishment Reports

Office of Air and Radiation 2009 PDF (85 pp, 391K)
2007-8 PDF (75 pp, 621K
2006 PDF (40 pp, 178K)
Office of Research and Development 2009 PDF (16pp, 102K)
2007-8 PDF (24 pp, 427K)
2006 (none)
Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response 2009 PDF (21 pp, 197K)
2007-8 PDF (30 pp, 314K)
2006 PDF (33 pp, 162K)
Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxics Substances 2009 PDF (14 pp, 85K)
2007-8 PDF (35 pp, 288K)
2006 (none)
Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance 2009 PDF (33 pp, 160K)
2007-8 PDF (39 pp, 319K)
2006 PDF (29 pp, 217K)
Office of Environmental Information 2009 PDF (13 pp, 92K)
2007-8 PDF (15 pp, 796K)
2006 PDF (9 pp, 39K)
Office of International Affairs 2009 PDF (17 pp, 96K)
2007-8 (none)
2006 PDF (22 pp, 75K)
Office of Policy, Economics and Innovation 2009 PDF (1 pg, 21K)
2007-8 (See 2006-7)
2006 (none)
Office of Water 2009 PDF (35 pp, 309K)
2007-8 PDF (39 pp, 189K)
2006 PDF (18 pp, 218K)
Region 1 2009 PDF (19 pp, 144K)
2008-9 PDF (74 pp, 412K)
2006 PDF (73 pp, 8.5MB)
Region 2 2009 PDF (56 pp, 203K)
2007-8 PDF (27 pp, 97K)
2006 PDF (29 pp, 1.4MB)
Region 3 2009 PDF (59 pp, 244K)
2007-8 PDF (31 pp, 380K)
2006 PDF (16 pp, 44K)
Region 4 2009 PDF (70 pp, 480K)
2007-8 (See 2006-7)
2006 PDF (25 pp, 260K)
Region 5 2009 PDF (4 pp, 28K)
2007-8 PDF (14 pp, 58K)
2006 PDF (14 pp, 60K)
Region 6 2009 PDF (22 pp, 162K)
2007-8 PDF (56 pp, 436K)
2006 PDF (18 pp, 67K)
Region 7 2009 PDF (12 pp, 66K)
2007-8 PDF (25 pp, 89K)
2006 (none)
Region 8 2009 PDF (27 pp, 140K)
2007-8 PDF (15 pp, 158K)
2006 PDF (11 pp, 46K)
Region 9 2009 PDF (10 pp, 68K)
2007-8 PDF (25 pp, 80K)
2006 PDF (20 pp, 131K)
Region 10 2009 PDF (9 pp, 47K)
2007-8 PDF (21 pp, 67K)
2006 (none)


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