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Plan EJ 2014


Under Plan EJ 2014, EPA laid a foundation for integrating EJ in EPA programs, policies and activities by developing a comprehensive suite of guidance, policies and tools. It advanced Administrator McCarthy’s priority on Making a Visible Difference in Communities.

Plan EJ 2014 was named in recognition of the 20th anniversary of President Clinton’s issuance of Executive Order 12898, Federal Actions to Address Environmental Justice in Minority Populations and Low-Income Populations (PDF) (6 pp, 124K). Executive Order 12898 called upon “each federal agency to identify and address as appropriate the disproportionately high and adverse effects of its programs, policies and activities on minority populations and low-income populations.”

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Plan EJ 2014 has nine cross-agency elements. Through them, EPA built a foundation for integrating EJ in its programs and across the federal government by:

  1. clarifying its legal authorities to address EJ concerns in a comprehensive manner
  2. developing a nationally consistent EJ screening and mapping tool
  3. developing approaches for advancing EJ in regulatory decision-making on environmental and public health, including EPA core functions such as rulemaking, permitting and environmental reviews, and compliance and enforcement
  4. expanding EPA’s capacity to support communities by strengthening its internal community based practices and building partnerships through the reinvigoration of the Interagency Working Group on Environmental Justice (IWG) established under EO 12898
  5. Strengthening EPA’s science capacity to address EJ

Under Plan EJ 2014, EPA developed and instituted many of these basic tools for the first time. Given its foundational nature, EPA’s work under Plan EJ 2014 primarily focused on building internal capacity. Plan EJ 2014 involved all parts of EPA, with a program office and region taking leadership for each of Plan EJ 2014’s elements.

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Other Accomplishments

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Summary of Accomplishments

Element Major Commitments/Accomplishments Status
Incorporate EJ in Rulemaking Finalize Guidance on Considering EJ During the Development of a Regulatory Action Spring 2015
Issue Draft EJ Technical Guidance for Public Comment/SAB Review Complete
Finalize Draft Technical Guidance on Assessing EJ in Regulatory Analysis 2015
Develop EJ and Rulemaking Cross-Agency Team work products Complete
Consider EJ in Permitting Institute Regional Implementation Plans for enhanced community engagement Complete
Implement Regional Implementation Plans Ongoing
Issue recommended practices on community engagement for permit applicants Complete
Develop draft framework and tools for EJ analysis for permits for internal review Complete
Test, finalize and implement guidelines for EJ analysis for permits 2015-17
Advance EJ through Compliance and Enforcement Issue multiple guidance and policies on consideration of EJ in enforcement life cycle Complete
Issue guidance requiring EJ review for all initiated enforcement cases, tracking cases in ICIS database and transitioning to EJSCREEN Complete
Incorporate ACS measure for EJ in OECA FY 2014 NPM Guidance Complete
Achieve and communicate results benefiting overburdened communities Ongoing
Support Community-Based Programs Implement Community KPI; lessons inform current priority on communities Complete
Identify promising community-based practices Complete
Develop land use and equitable development resources Complete
Foster Administration-Wide Action Reconvene Interagency Working Group on EJ (IWG) at cabinet level Complete
Conduct White House Forum and community listening sessions Complete
Issue Memorandum of Understanding on EO 12898 and IWG codifying structured and focus areas, signed by IWG secretaries Complete
Develop draft NEPA analytic methodologies Complete
Science Tools Develop assessment and mapping tools, including C-FERST/T-FERST 2015
Implement community cumulative assessment grants and Centers of Excellence in Health Disparities Complete
Convene NEJAC research workgroup; respond to recommendations with commitment to develop EJ Research Roadmap Complete
Legal Tools Issue EJ Legal Tools document Complete
Information Tools Develop EJSCREEN V1.0 for internal use Complete
Issue public version of EJSCREEN 2015
Resources Tools Establish one-stop “Resources for Communities” web portal Complete
Develop technical assistance contract (TASC) and training enhancements Complete
Tribal Policy Issue EPA Policy on EJ for Working with Federally Recognized Tribes and Indigenous Peoples Complete
Training Complete mandatory EJ training for all employees Complete

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Progress Reports

EPA will issue annual reports documenting the progress toward meeting the commitments outlined in Plan EJ 2014. This report provides an update on the EPA's accomplishments in completing its commitments under Plan EJ 2014.

2013 Plan EJ 2014 Progress Report (PDF) (86 pp, 3.95MB)
2014 Plan EJ 2014 Progress Report (PDF) (37 pp, 1.5MB)

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Public Comment and Tribal Consultation

EPA is continuing its consultation and coordination with federally recognized tribes on EPA's Plan EJ 2014. EPA invites all tribes to participate in this process, expected to extend from September 21 – November 21, 2011. Agency responses to comments received have been posted below.

The Agency also provided public comment periods and conducted outreach from July 2010 to November 2011. Here are the Agency responses to public comments received through April 2011 (PDF) (62 pp, 1.3MB).

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Watch Former Administrator Jackson's video about Plan EJ 2014.

“For the first time in our 42 year history, we have laid the groundwork for EPA to fully implement its environmental justice mission of ensuring environmental protection for all Americans, regardless of race, ethnicity or income level. - Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, read more

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.


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