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National Environmental Justice Advisory Council Public Teleconference, 4/28/10

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Event Information

On April 28, 2010, the NEJAC convened a two-hour public teleconference meeting, which included:

  • an update on EPA's preliminary response to the NEJAC’s Goods Movement report,
  • a presentation about EPA's National Lead Testing Challenge Initiative and preliminary charge for advice about encouraging voluntary testing for lead in school drinking water,
  • a report from the NEJAC liaison to the EPA Tribal Operations Committee.

This audio transcript features presentations to the Council, discussions among Council members, and community concerns expressed during the public comment period.

Files Description Transcript
Full Meeting (MP3) (125.6 MB, runtime 02:13:57)
Full Meeting Full Meeting Transcript (PDF) (59 pp, 158K, about PDF)
Part 1 (MP3) (6.2 MB, runtime 06:38)
Welcome and Introductions  
Part 2 (MP3) (30.6 MB, runtime 32:39)
Goods Movement Discussion  
Part 3 (MP3) (27.3 MB, runtime 29:07)
National Lead Testing Challenge Initiative  
Part 4 (MP3) (13 MB, runtime 13:56)
Tribal Liaison Report  
Part 5 (MP3) (1.9 MB, runtime 02:01)
Closing Remarks  

Public Comment Period

Files Description Transcript
Public Comment Full (MP3) (43.8 MB, runtime 46:44)
Public Comment Period - Full See transcript above
Public Comment 1 (MP3) (8.5 MB, runtime 09:08)
Public Comment by Carl Wassilie, Alaska's Big Village Network  
Public Comment 2 (MP3) (5.3 MB, runtime 05:39)
Public Comment by Omega Wilson, West End Revitalization Association  
Public Comment 3 (MP3) (5.4 MB, runtime 05:39)
Public Comment by Andrea Hriko, University of Southern California  
Public Comment 4 (MP3) (5.8 MB, runtime 05:48)
Public Comment by Angelo Logan, East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice  
Public Comment 5 (MP3) (5 MB, runtime 06:13)
Public Comment by Christine Chaisson, The LifeLine Group  
Public Comment 6 (MP3) (8 MB, runtime 08:37)
Public Comment by Debra Ramirez, Citizens Against Contamination  
Public Comment 7 (MP3) (5.5 MB, runtime 05:53)
Public Comment by Robina Suwol, California Safe Schools  

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