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National Environmental Justice Advisory Council Meeting, 11/16/2010 - 11/18/2010

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Event Information

The National Environmental Justice Advisory Council (NEJAC) held its 37th meeting on November 16-18, 2010 in Kansas City, MO. Discussions included:

  1. A Conversation with the Deputy Administrator
  2. Kansas City’s Green Impact Zones -- Interagency Cooperation on EJ and Sustainable Communities
  3. NEJAC Preliminary Response to Permitting Charge
  4. EJ Challenges Facing Rural Communities
  5. EPA Plan EJ 2014:  Supporting Community-Based Action
  6. NEJAC Comments on EPA Plan EJ 2014
  7. EPA Response to NEJAC School Air Toxics Recommendations
  8. EPA Plan EJ 2014: EJ and Rulemaking -- Update about Various Air Rules Related to Utilities

Also during the meeting, a notable 15 public commentors presented and an additional 8 statements were incorporated into the public record.

A Conversation with EPA Deputy Administrator Robert Perciasepe

Files Description Transcript
Bob Perciasepe Full (MP3) (15.1 MB, runtime 33:00)
Full Discussion Full Transcript (PDF) (6 pp, 34K)

Green Impact Zones – Implications and Lessons for Federal Interagency Cooperation on Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities

Files Description Transcript
Green Impact Zones Full (MP3) (46.8 MB, runtime 1:42:23)
Full Discussion Full Transcript (PDF) (19 pp, 92K)
Green Impact Zones Part 1 (MP3) (7.9 MB, runtime 34:44)
Presentations by John Frece and Anita Maltbia  
Green Impact Zones Part 2 (MP3) (6.1 MB, runtime 26:46)
Presentations by Bill Menge and Paula Schwach  
Green Impact Zones Part 3 (MP3) (6 MB, runtime 26:23)
Presentation by Margaret May and Questions and Answers  
Green Impact Zones Part 4 (MP3) (3.7 MB, runtime 16:30)
Questions & Answers (cont'd)  

NEJAC Preliminary Response to Permitting Charge

Files Description Transcript
Permitting Charge Full (MP3) (45.2 MB, runtime 1:38:54)
Full discussion Full Transcript (PDF) (17 pp, 96K)
Permitting Charge Part 1 (MP3) (16.1 MB, runtime 35:19)
Summary of NEJAC recommendations presented by John Ridgeway  
Permitting Charge Part 2 (MP3) (11.4 MB, runtime 25:01)
Questions and Comments  
Permitting Charge Part 3 (MP3) (18.3 MB, runtime 40:02)
Questions and Comments (cont'd)  

Plan EJ 2014 & Permitting

Files Description Transcript
Plan EJ & Permitting Full (MP3) (28.1 MB, runtime 1:01:35)
Full Discussion Full Transcript (PDF) (11 pp, 68K)
Plan EJ & Permitting Part 1 (MP3) (17.4 MB, runtime 38:06)
Presentations by Janet McCabe and Carol Ann Siciliano  
Plan EJ & Permitting Part 2 (MP3) (11 MB, runtime 24:13)
Questions and Comments  

EPA Plan EJ 2014 - Supporting Community-Based Action

Files Description Transcript
Community Based Action Full (MP3) (25.2 MB, runtime 55:15)
Full Discussion Full Transcript (PDF) (11 pp, 68K)
Community Based Action Part 1 (MP3) (15.1 MB, runtime 33:00)
Presentation by Mathy Stanislaus and Questions and Comments  
Community Based Action Part 2 (MP3) (10.5 MB, runtime 22:58)
Questions and Comments (cont'd)  

Environmental Justice Challenges Facing Rural Communities

Files Description Transcript
EJ Challenges Full (MP3) (39.2 MB, runtime 1:25:43)
Full Discussion Full Transcript (PDF) (16 pp, 91K)
EJ Challenges Part 1 (MP3) (13.7 MB, runtime 29:58)
Presentations by Vanessa Frazier and Marcie McLaughlin  
EJ Challenges Part 2 (MP3) (12.7 MB, runtime 27:52)
Presentations by Michael Linder and Richard Boyles  
EJ Challenges Part 3 (MP3) (13.4 MB, runtime 29:20)
Questions and Comments  

Comments on Plan EJ 2014

Files Description Transcript
Plan EJ Comments Full (MP3) (22.6 MB, runtime 49:30)
Full Discussion Full Transcript (PDF) (10 pp, 60K)
Plan EJ Comments Part 1 (MP3) (12.2 MB, runtime 26:50)
Presentation by Kim Wasserman and Questions and Comments  
Plan EJ Comments Part 2 (MP3) (10.6 MB, runtime 23:19)
Questions and Comments (cont'd)  

EPA Response to School Air Toxics Recommendations

Files Description Transcript
School Air Toxics Full (MP3) (25.5 MB, runtime 55:50)
Full Discussion Full Transcript (PDF) (14 pp, 78K)
School Air Toxics Part 1 (MP3) (13.2 MB, runtime 28:51)
Presentation by Richard "Chet" Wayland  
School Air Toxics Part 2 (MP3) (12.6 MB, runtime 27:42)
Presentation by Richard "Chet" Wayland (cont'd) and Questions and Comments  

Plan EJ 2014 & Rulemaking

Files Description Transcript
Plan EJ & Rulemaking Full (MP3) (16.8 MB, runtime 1:13:44)
Full Discussion Full Transcript (PDF) (16 pp, 94K)
Plan EJ & Rulemaking Part 1 (MP3) (8.6 MB, runtime 37:34)
Presentation by Gina McCarthy  
Plan EJ & Rulemaking Part 2 (MP3) (8.4 MB, runtime 36:57)
Presentation by Gina McCarthy (cont'd) and Quesitons and Answers  

Public Comment Period

Files Commentor Transcript
Public Comments Full (MP3) (49.1 MB, runtime 2:50:54)
Full Discussion Full Transcript (PDF) (36 pp, 169K)
Public Comment 1 (MP3) (2.1MB, runtime 09:16)
Comments by Maurice Copeland, Concerned Citizen, Kansas City, Missouri  
Public Comment 2 (MP3) (2.2 MB, runtime 09:33)
Comments by Marvin S. Robinson II, Quindaro Ruins Underground Railroad, Exercise 2011  
Public Comment 3 (MP3) (2.2 MB, runtime 09:53)
Comments by Richard Mabion, Building a Sustainable Community  
Public Comment 4 (MP3) (5.3 MB, runtime 23:07)
Comments by Stephanie Tyree, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition in West Virginia  
Public Comment 5 (MP3) (1.9 MB, runtime 08:32)
Comments by Junior Walk, Coal River Mountain Watch  
Public Comment 6 (MP3) (4.5 MB, runtime 19:49)
Comments by Eric Kirkendall, Johnson County Intermodal Coalition  
Public Comment 7 (MP3) (2.3 MB, runtime 10:03)
Comments by Alicia Dressman, Physicians for Social Responsibility  
Public Comment 8 (MP3) (2.7 MB, runtime 11:48)
Comments by Rachel Russell, Arc Ecology  
Public Comment 9 (MP3) (2.4 MB, runtime 10:26)
Comments by Jane Stoever, Peaceworks  
Public Comment 10 (MP3) (5.1 MB, runtime 22:25)
Comments by Elaine Giessel, Chair, Environmental Justice Committee of the Kansas Chapter of the Sierra Club  
Public Comment 11 (MP3) (1.5 MB, runtime 06:29)
Comments by Andrea Gross, Director, Community Outreach at the Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic, Washington University School of Law, St. Louis, Missouri  
Public Comment 12 (MP3) (1.6 MB, runtime 07:09)
Comments by Sahj Kaya, East Meets the West of Troost  
Public Comment 13 (MP3) (882 K, runtime 03:45)
Comments by Andrew Clark, Concerned Citizen  
Public Comment 14 (MP3) (1.8 MB, runtime 09:05)
Comments by David Mitchell, Concerned Citizen  
Public Comment 15 (MP3) (4.5 MB, runtime 19:38)
Comments by Sasteh Mosley, East Meets the West of Troost  

The information, reports and recommendations listed on this page are the products of the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council, an independent council created under the Federal Advisory Committee Act, to provide independent advice and recommendations on the subject of environmental justice to the EPA Administrator

The information, reports and recommendations found on this site reflect the opinions and views of the independent National Environmental Justice Advisory Council, and not necessarily the views or opinions of the U.S. EPA.


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