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Region 6 EJ Showcase Community: Port Arthur, TX

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EPA Region 6 is developing and implementing a comprehensive, cross-media project in this diverse city. More than 50 percent of its residents are African American and Hispanic. The city has many facilities including chemical plants, refineries and a hazardous waste incinerator. This project is being developed, with the support of other government agencies, in response to community-based organizations who have called upon EPA to look at the cumulative effects of multiple environmental impacts in Port Arthur.


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Map showing Port Arthur, TX

EPA Region 6 is developing and implementing a comprehensive, cross-media project in the West side community of Port Arthur, Texas. The project involves governmental officials, religious leaders, industrial officials, community leaders and citizens in a collaborative community-based approach to improve the community’s public health and the environment.
Over the last 12 months, an action plan for the project was developed. This action plan resulted in three grants and contract support for outreach and community meeting activities. The three grants included:

The primary contract support activity involves the development of an EPA ‘Environmental Profile’ outreach document. The environmental profile will be a clear concise outreach document that summarizes joint EPA and State evaluations of the best available information about environmental conditions (e.g., data and predictive tools). A City – EPA, two-day EJ Summit in Port Arthur, Texas occurred on November 8-9, 2010. The summit brought together stakeholders to discuss thoughtful strategies and approaches to improve the quality of life for Port Arthur residents. The facilitated dialogue highlighted several crucial challenges that could be effectively addressed through a thoughtful local, state and federal collaboration.

Throughout 2011, efforts will be made to begin to address six critically important issues that were identified at the EJ Summit and formalized in Port Arthur’s EJ Plan. These issues will be addressed by the formation of six issue specific workgroups composed of a cross-section of stakeholders.

There are a number of results expected from the EJ Showcase Community project. The environmental profile outreach document will inform the public of federal and state permits and authorizations, and identify opportunities for input into permit conditions. The Port Arthur EJ Plan is expected to impact environmental quality, promote the revitalization of the Downtown and Westside areas, address unemployment and significant health care challenges, improve the energy efficiency of residences, and facilitate alternative housing for residents of the Carver Terrace Assisted Housing Project.

For additional information about the Region 6 Showcase Initiative, contact Israel Anderson (anderson.israel@epa.gov), the Region 6 Associate Director for Environmental Justice at 214-665-3138.

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