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Use the resources below to get smart on climate change and what you can do to make a difference.

EPA Climate Change Kids Site: Games, links, climate animation, tools for teachers, and more resources on climate change.

EPA ENERGY STAR Kids Site: Why your planet needs you and how you can make big changes to help.

EPA ENERGY STAR Kids Room: You Can Make Big Changes: Choose "Eureka! We’ve Found It! See Where You Can Make a Difference in Our World" to learn what you can do in your bedroom to save energy and the planet.

EPA: At School – What You Can Do: Planning resources and a directory about reducing greenhouse gas emissions for students, educators, and administrators.

Behind Every Illusion Exit EPA Disclaimer: A novel by Christina Harner about the "extraordinary ways the earth has evolved in a desperate attempt to save itself from the destruction caused by humankind."

Pew Center: Global Warming - Kids Page Exit EPA Disclaimer: A basic understanding of global warming, how it occurs, and how you can help stop the process, in a question and answer format.

ClimateChangeEducation.org: GlobalWarmingKids.net Exit EPA Disclaimer: A kid’s portal with links on global warming, climate change, and solutions.

Year of Science: Take AIM at Climate Change Video Exit EPA Disclaimer: Welcome to the celebration of weather and climate!

Air Pollution Resources

Extreme Weather Events

Climate and Infectious Disease
EcoHealth: Hitching a Ride to Find the Host with the Most Exit EPA Disclaimer: The effects of vectors, how global warming affects vectors, and the deadly illnesses they spread.

Carbon Dioxide and Climate Change
EcoKids: Planet Protectors: Carbon Dioxide is Taking Over the World! Exit EPA Disclaimer: An interactive game about carbon dioxide and climate change.

Climate Change and Hunger
EcoHealth: Agriculture: Growing Problems Exit EPA Disclaimer: How climate change affects agriculture and hunger.

Climate Change and Heat Waves
EcoHealth: Things are Heating Up! Exit EPA Disclaimer: How climate change affects rising temperatures, summer heat waves, and health.

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise
EcoHealth: Sea Change: Rising Ocean Levels Exit EPA Disclaimer: How global warming contributes to rising sea and ocean levels.