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Sample Proclamation

Because, the [Community, School, or Organization] supports a healthy and safe environment for children and is concerned about the effects of global climate change on our children; and

Because, the conservation and protection of the environment where children live, learn and play is a vital and critical duty; and

Because, the American Academy of Pediatrics tells us in their Policy Statement, Global Climate Change and Children’s Health (PDF) (4 pp, 160K), that "children represent a particularly vulnerable group that is likely to suffer disproportionately from both direct and indirect adverse health effects of climate change."; and

Because, we all know someone who suffers from asthma and we all have experienced or witnessed the devastating effects of such things as high ozone levels, heat events, flooding and drought which can be associated with climate change; and

Because, while the effects of climate change may pose unique and increased risks to children’s health, these risks can be reduced through preparation, planning, and surveillance; and

Because, taking simple personal and collective actions can reduce greenhouse gas emissions while saving energy and money; and

Because, educating young people about climate change and its effects on children’s health will encourage them to take actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and

Because, the voices of our young people carry deep significance because today’s youth ultimately have the greatest stake in the outcomes of climate change

Therefore, let the voices of youth be heard and let their actions to protect their environment be felt in the [Community, School or Organization], and beyond as they lead us in conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gases.

Therefore, we eagerly anticipate and encourage the imagination, energy and commitment of our youth to find and implement solutions to this critical issue;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, ______________(name of mayor, commissioner, principal, community leader), of [Community, School or Organization], call on all young people, individuals, agencies and organizations to initiate an awareness campaign to mobilize the youth of our [city, school or school district], their friends, family, and community to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve energy, and create a new climate for action

GIVEN UNDER MY HAND and the Great Seal of [Community, School or Organization]on the ___ of [DATE].
___________________ (signature)
[Mayor, Commissioner, Principal, Community Leader ________]