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NARUC Model Interconnection Procedures and Agreement for Small DG Resources

Date Last Updated11/29/2012
Policy TypeInterconnection Standard
Policy Administrator/Contact OfficeNational Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC)
Policy Initiation Date10/1/2003
Policy SummaryNARUC represents the state public service commissions that regulate electric utilities by helping to ensure that utility services are provided at rates and conditions that are fair, reasonable and nondiscriminatory for all consumers. In 2003, NARUC released its Model Interconnection Procedures and Agreement for Small Distributed Generation Resources, which can apply to CHP. The procedures are intended to be resources for state commissions and industry stakeholders in their own DG efforts with the hope that they will serve as a catalyst for state DG interconnection proceedings.

The guidelines lay out a process for expedited approval of interconnection for small resources. Under this procedure the applicant would fill out one of two possible applications:
  • "Short Form Application for Single Phase Attachment of Parallel Generation Equipment 20 kV or Smaller to the Electric System".
  • "Standard Application for the Attachment of Parallel Generation Equipment to the Electric System for single phase equipment larger than 20 kV."
  • Public access to the projects' energy savings information.
The applications would go through a primary and secondary screening process, after which they would be able to execute an interconnection agreement with the utility. The guidelines provide for general information about the need for interconnection agreements that address study fees, timelines for utility responses, insurance levels, technical requirements, and dispute resolution procedures. However the guidelines do not take a position on what these requirements should be, leaving these issues up to the state utility commissions.
CHP Eligibility RequirementsDoes Not Specify
Eligible Project Size (MW)Does Not Specify
Resource Website(s) http://www.naruc.org/Publications/dgiaip_oct03.pdf exit EPA

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