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Texas Interconnection Standards

Date Last Updated11/16/2012
Policy TypeInterconnection Standard
Policy Administrator/Contact OfficePublic Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT)
Policy Initiation Date11/18/1999
Policy SummaryPUCT has adopted interconnection standards for systems including CHP. The rules apply to electrical generating facilities (consisting of one or more on-site distributed-generation units) located at a customer's point of delivery, up to 10 MW and connected at a voltage up to 60 kV. The total capacity of a facility's individual on-site distributed generation units may exceed 10 MW, however, no more than 10 MW of capacity will be interconnected at any point in time at the point of common coupling.

Installations must meet all applicable national, state and local construction and safety codes. No pre-interconnection study fees are required for units up to 500 kW (under most circumstances), and study fees for larger systems are limited. There are limited timeframes outlined in the standards; pre-interconnection studies and application approval or rejection must occur within 4-6 weeks. Pre-certification provisions allow for fast-track interconnection. Equipment and operational requirements are differentiated based on connection type (single-phase or three-phase), paralleling mode and system size. Dispute-resolution procedures have been designated. The PUCT did not address liability insurance requirements in the final rules. Therefore, utilities may require that customer-generators obtain a certain amount of liability insurance.

Additionally, an external disconnect device is required for all systems. Standardized interconnection applications and interconnection agreements are used.
CHP Eligibility RequirementsBoth fossil-fueled and renewably-fueled CHP systems are eligible for standardized interconnection.
Eligible Project Size (MW)Standardized interconnection applies to systems up to 10 MW.
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