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North Carolina Climate Action Plan Advisory Group Final Report

Date Last Updated8/5/2013
Policy TypeState Climate Change Plan
Policy Administrator/Contact OfficeNorth Carolina Climate Change Advisory Group
Policy Initiation Date10/1/2008
Policy SummaryThe Climate Action Plan Advisory Group released a final report and recommendations in October 2008 detailing 56 mitigation options for addressing climate change.

Recommended Mitigation Options for Controlling Greenhouse Gas Emissions proposes examining regulatory changes that can provide incentives for CHP and removing barriers that hinder implementation of CHP. Policy recommendation RCI-10, Distributed Renewable and Clean Fossil Fuel Power Generation, seeks to encourage CHP systems less than 10 MW through a combination of utility incentives, information provisions, review of net-metering policies, streamlining of interconnection requirements, providing low-interest loans, and/or tax credits for potential hosts/owners/developers of these systems.

Policy recommendation RCI-11, Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Energy and Emissions Technical Assistance and Recommended Measure Implementation, seeks to establish an industrial technical assistance program that can identify opportunities for the capture and use of process heat, as well as implementation of CHP.

In the Energy Supply Chapter, policy recommendation ES-3 and ES-9 deal with "Removing Barriers and Providing Incentives to Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Clean DG."
Policy Targets/Compliance DeadlinesThe goal of RCI-10 in North Carolina's Climate Change Plans is to implement 25%-33% of North Carolina's CHP potential by 2020.
Resource Website(s) http://climateadaptationnc.nemac.org/
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