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District of Columbia Interconnection Standards

Date Last Updated11/16/2012
Policy TypeInterconnection Standard
Policy Administrator/Contact OfficeDC Public Service Commission (PSC)
Policy Initiation Date2/13/2009
Policy SummaryThe PSC adopted interconnection standards that apply to all distributed generation systems, including CHP, <10 MW that operate in parallel with the electric distribution system. Under the rules, there are four levels of review for interconnection requests:
  • Level 1: applies to certified, inverter-based systems <10 kW. (Certification is based on DC PSC standards).
  • Level 2: applies to certified systems <2 MW that are connected to a radial distribution network or a spot network serving one customer. Area network connections are not allowed under Level 2 review.
  • Level 3: applies to systems that will not export power to the electric grid. There are two subcategories of systems under Level 3 review:
    (3a) Area Networks: Must be certified and <50 kW.
    (3b) Radial Distribution Networks: Must be <10 MW.
  • Level 4: applies to systems <10 MW and that do not meet the criteria for Level 1, 2, or 3.
The interconnection regulations generally use IEEE 1547 as a technical standard for evaluation of all levels of interconnection. Systems are considered to be certified if they meet UL 174 and IEEE 1547.1 standards. The rules specify the technical screens which may be applied to applications at each level of review and time limits for different stages of the evaluation process.

A lockable external disconnect switch is required for Levels 2 - 4. Facilities >1 MW must carry general liability insurance with coverage of at least $2 million per occurrence and $4 million in aggregate. Standardized interconnection agreements are available for all four levels of review. The rules and accompanying standard forms also contain details regarding application fees and avenues for dispute resolution.
CHP Eligibility RequirementsBoth fossil-fueled and renewably-fueled CHP systems are eligible for standardized interconnection.
Eligible Project Size (MW)Standardized interconnection applies to systems up to 10 MW.
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