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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Renewable Energy Cost Recovery Incentive Payment Program

dCHPP Glossary (PDF) (2 pp, 53K)

Date Last Updated11/16/2012
Incentive TypeProduction Incentive
Incentive Administrator/Contact OfficeWashington State Department of Revenue
Incentive Initiation Date8/31/2006
Incentive Expiration Date6/30/2020
Incentive Size and Funding SourceThe incentive amount paid to the producer starts at a base rate of $0.15 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) and is adjusted by multiplying the incentive by a factor of 1.0 for electricity produced using an anaerobic digester. Incentives are capped at $5,000 per year. Ownership of the renewable-energy certificates (RECs) associated with generation remains with the customer-generator and does not transfer to the state or utility.
Eligible RecipientIndividuals, businesses and local governments that generate electricity from solar power, wind power or anaerobic digesters. Off-grid properties are not eligible.
Eligible FuelBiogas; Other
Eligible Project Size (MW)Does Not Specify
Minimum Efficiency Required (%)Does Not Specify
Application Form(s)Application Form (PDF) (1 pp, 59.5K)
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