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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Existing Facilities Program

dCHPP Glossary (PDF) (2 pp, 53K)

Date Last Updated11/16/2012
Incentive TypeProduction Incentive
Incentive Administrator/Contact OfficeNYSERDA
Incentive Initiation Date6/30/2008
Incentive Expiration Date12/31/2015
Incentive Size and Funding SourcePre-qualified Measures: Incentives for Pre-qualified Measures vary by project, but are limited to $30,000 per facility per year for electric efficiency incentives. Qualifying National Fuel Gas customers are limited to $25,000 per facility per year.

Performance-based Incentives: Performance incentives are awarded as one-time payments based on the expected first-year savings offered by a given improvement. Customers of downstate utilities (defined as Consolidated Edison and National Grid) are generally eligible for higher incentives than customers of other utilities.

Performance Based Incentive Amount:
  • Electric Efficiency: $0.12 per kWh (upstate), $0.16 per kWh (downstate).
  • Natural Gas Efficiency (National Fuel Gas): $15/MMBtu.
  • Energy Storage: $300 per kW (upstate), $600 per kW (downstate).
  • Demand Response: $100 per kW (upstate), $200 per kW (downstate); Bonus incentives available.
  • Industrial Process Efficiency (IPE): Same as electric and natural gas performance incentives.
  • Operational Changes (as part of IPE): $.05/kWh (electric) and $6/MMBtu (gas).
  • Monitoring-Based Commissioning: $0.05/kWh.
  • Super-Efficient Chiller Bonus: $1,400/kW (full load) or $1,000/kW (NLPV).
Maximum Performance Based Incentive:
  • Electric Efficiency and Energy Storage: 50% of cost or $2 million.
  • Natural Gas Efficiency (National Fuel Gas): 50% of cost or $25,000.
  • Demand Response: 75% of cost or $2 million (limit also applies to combined performance based efficiency and demand response measures).
  • Industrial Process Efficiency: 50% of cost or $5 million.
  • Monitoring-Based Commissioning: 50% or cost or $500,000.
Eligible RecipientElectricity customers within the state that pay the System Benefits Charge (SBC), natural gas customers of National Fuel Gas that use less than 12,000 Mcf per year, and energy service companies (ESCOs) that implement efficiency measures for eligible customers are eligible. Projects with a simple payback greater than 18 years, or less than 1 year (or 6 months for manufacturing and data center projects) are not eligible for incentives.
Eligible FuelDoes Not Specify
Eligible Project Size (MW)Does Not Specify
Minimum Efficiency Required (%)Does Not Specify
Other Selected Eligibility CriteriaPerformance-based Incentives are generally oriented towards large improvement projects. Performance incentives are available for electric efficiency, natural gas efficiency (National Fuel customers only), energy storage, demand response, monitoring-based commissioning and industrial and process efficiency (Industrial and Process Efficiency Program details).

The pre-qualified equipment category is designed to support comparatively small electric and natural gas efficiency projects through fixed $/unit equipment rebates. The general technologies covered by the pre-qualified designation are as follows: lighting, HVAC, chillers, motors, variable frequency drives, natural gas equipment, commercial refrigeration, commercial kitchen equipment and commercial washing equipment.
UtilityNational Fuel Gas, Consolidated Edison and National Grid.
Application Form(s)Application Portal
Other Incentive DetailsPre-qualified applications should be sent within 90 days of the invoice for purchase and installation of the equipment.
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