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Fuel Economy and Environment Labels

Fuel Economy Label Audio Podcast

EPA Transportation and Air Quality
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Time: 00:60
Date: November 2012

SON: Hey dad! Now that I’ve got my license, can we go shopping for a new car?

DAD: Why? What’s wrong with the one we have?

SON: I can’t be seen driving that!

DAD: There’s nothing wrong with it. We’ve had that car for ten years and it works just fine.

SON: Well, you know dad, a newer car would save money and actually be a lot more fuel efficient.

DAD: [SKEPTICAL] What’s “a lot more”?

SON: Remember that car commercial we saw on TV the other night?

DAD: The blue sedan?

SON: Yeah. It would save a ton.

DAD: How?

SON: Okay. [TALKS FAST] The blue sedan … 31 miles per gallon average, 27 city 38 highway. It uses 3.2 gallons of gas for every 100 miles…

DAD: 3.2 gallons?

SON: … It would only cost about $1700 In gas a year. That’s almost half of what you’re paying for your car dad!

DAD: [HUMBLED] Wow! How do you know all this stuff?

SON: Mike and I swung by the dealership after school yesterday so we could check out the car and I got the info off the new fuel economy label.

DAD: The fuel economy label?

SON: Yeah, the new fuel economy label. I saw it on the car. It has a lot of information, like how much gas we'd save over 5 years. I even used my smartphone QR code reader to get more info on the web.

DAD: Wow! You really did your homework. That actually sounds like a good deal to me. Let’s go check out this car.

ANNCR: A new label for a new generation of cars. For more information on EPA’s fuel economy and environment label, visit www.fueleconomy.gov.

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